18 August 2017

Decorating my studio

I think I probably spend 75% of my time in my studio space and every so often I get annoyed and freaked out at it just because I don't actually put my art stuff away while I'm creating making the space pretty claustrophobic, so once a big client piece is done I  spend my time cleaning it all out and then replacing the images around my desk with new things I have collected over the last few months. 
This keeps my inspiration pretty fresh and my ideas varied. 

The majority of my the items that line my walls are created by me, but there are a few pieces that I have collected from Antique shops, Art shops, charity shops. But I always try and combine a mix of everything that makes me happy and if I can't find a piece that I think will work well I paint myself something, know it helps being an artist but you can now pick up great pieces of art on Etsy and across the internet. 

I've recently been loving learning to sign write and the two pieces that I have been working on now appear on the walls of my studio which I am really loving, also the leather jackets I have been working on have been dotted about my space so that always puts a smile on my face. 

I have always collected things to display and some people would find my space cluttered and until I move into my own house it will remain like this as I like having things around me that make me happy and keep me inspired. I really tried to be minimalist  but I found it far too much pressure to keep things clean so I scrapped the idea of caring and just dismay own thing.

I have a serious love for tin signs have since I  was a little kid and I have collected a few American number plates and I always keep my eyes peeled when I'm visiting car shows and antique shops as they're not the priciest thing in the world and make for really individual pieces. 

I do often get asked where I pick up my large frames and really it depends on your price range but I never spend more then £10 on a frame and my top places to visit would be Ikea, Tiger and Wilkinson for plan simple frames. Have my eye on a few prints in other artists shops at the moment, but I think once my birthday has rolled around I'll see if I can snap a few up with the remaining pennies after my new tattoo. So I had better get using my desk and painting.


12 August 2017

It's never to late to learn something new

Recently between commissions I have been taking the time toward on new personal projects, as I was cleaning out my old art books I happened upon a sign writing book that I got years ago from one of my brothers and as I was flicking through the pages I figured that it would be a good skill to explore. I already had all the equipment, and I jumped on google to Youtube a few how to videos, it's way tougher then coping what pros do on Youtube but I figured it was a good place to start. 

I feel that sign writing really fits in with my style and how my brain works, after doodling on my bag the other day have become really interested in how images and words work on different shape canvases and I am currently working on a series of faux leather jackets. 

It has been really nice to work on a new skill and the preciseness of hand lettering is that your brain is solely on the task at hand and it has no chance to drift off into my life worries. The work I'm creating isn't perfect but I am really enjoying it and to me thats all that matters at the moment. 

8 August 2017

Day 1 : Adventures to Margate with EastPak

You probably have seen a few sneaky peeks over on my Instagram of my adventures to Margate, I have been to margate before but it always lures me back with its kiss me quick British seaside vibe. 
So when Eastpak invited me along to a fun nights stay at the Sands hotel I jumped at the chance. EastPak had invited me to share my #handsfreeliving experience with my new bags as they have the new collection out on AsosI wanted to share day one with you guys, we were generously given a back pack of our choice, holdall and bumbag to make carrying all our belongs arounds so much easier, I am still in love with my Electrifying pink bumbag which is my staple for studio work. 

Once we arrived in Margate the weather was pretty amazing and so hot, so we decided to have a good wonder around town and to take in all the sights, I am a massive fan of seaside towns and Margate reminds me of little weekend trips away as a little kid with my family. Everywhere we turned there were pretty photogenic houses, cars and ice cream everywhere. We ventured to the Turner Gallery and as Turners biggest fan I couldn't help but spend my time in the lower gallery staring out at the large windows facing the sea and fall in love with the giant expanse of the sky that something Turner was famous for. I kept my inner geek from the rest of the group I was travelling it was nice to spot probably the small things over people probably wouldn't understand. With this we also spent some time wandering around the famous shell grotto which blew my mind in all kinds of ways, left me with more questions then when I arrived and in the gift shop I picked up a few pretty shells to put in my curiosity cabinet. 

I have heard wonderful things about the independent and vintage shops in Margate and it definitely didn't let me down, we had a good rummage around the second hand shops and I snapped up the teal spotty top that I wore tea for around £5 which I lovingly paired with the famous red tassel earrings. 

Food wise before we could explore our rooms at the Sands Hotel we popped into the Great British Pizza Co I opted for the Anchovy pizza and it was pretty damn tasty, if you're looking for a cute reasonably price place to eat in Margate I would really recommend it. 

After a long morning of travelling and walking around in the sunshine we ventured into our rooms at the Sands Hotel  ( I will share the room in my day two post) I had a good pamper and got ready for tea, we had a table booked at Roost as someone who is a vegetarian I went for the falafel burger which was pretty tasty and everyone else's meals looked amazing. The view from the window seat we had was pretty spectacular as we overlooked the sea as the sunset, it was very Wes Anderson with the view of the old Lido tower. The sunset was pretty spectacular as we strolled back with full tummies of delicious food. 

Before we happily head to bed we all had drinks on the roof of the Sands Hotel, I had my first Aperol Spritz and I'am pretty sure I fell in love tastes a little like Iron Bru and that gets a thumbs up from me anyway. The view over the roof tops of margate was pretty wonderful and the company was fun and we chatted late into the night before we all sleep voted to turn in as the evening was getting pretty chilly. I went to bed excited for our next day adventuring to Dreamland, but I'll share that in another post. 

7 August 2017

What inspires me to draw?

I felt in recent months I have lost my way a tad when its come to my independent work, I've felt the weight of the internet and the endless scrolling and absorbing of everyone else successes and I've felt myself judging, second guessing and absorbing things that just aren't me. So I sat myself do whilst I was having a bit of an artist's block and really tried to figure out what keeps me drawing and inspired. 

No matter where I go in life or what I do work wise I always end up back being inspired by tattoos, probably my longest running obsession that and Beatrix potter strange combination I know, but anyway after feeling the weight of the Internet on my shoulders to create colour meaningful work I've felt a little lost. I decided to head back to what I know and love and thats tattoos, my sketchbooks have since I can remember been filled with scrolls, swallows, guitars and intricate line work, so I thought it was about time that I embraced those styles that I love and create some pretty meaningful pieces. 

I picked up this The Brothers Bray co gym style bag from a charity shop when out with Josie a few weeks ago I think for £6 and felt that it could be a little fun project to get me started. I decided to do a freehand script on the back of the bag and a free hand tiger's head I'm not 100% happy with the head but I do truly love it. I've just used standard Acrylic paint as once it's dried it's pretty stubborn to remove. 

I have some exciting plans for new products for my shop which is spurring me forward a few illustrated jackets, totes and pins and really throw myself back into creating good quality merchandise and possibly explore my love for handwriting and hand lettering, obviously it's not helped binging on 7 seasons of sons of Anarchy to inspire me to look at vintage Harley's and Triumps. It really has been nice to get back to my desk put some good music on and just create, I have a new set of prints coming out this week and a few of my old stock will be discontinued to make why for some fun new pieces. 

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