2 June 2016

finding interior inspiriation

I have always been a nesting kind of girl, filling my space with my personal collection of objects, memories and things that I find inspiring.I have dreamed of owning my own house and filling it with plants and beautiful prints for aslong as I can remember. I often find myself wandering through pinterest and enjoy the colours and layering of other peoples spaces.

My favourite places to find inspiration are endless but I thought I would share a list of my favourite websites, blogs and shops.

The jungalow is just a dream blog  I love the InspoGallery making your search easier. If you are a lover of patterns, colour and everything and anything to do with foliage and floral creations then this is for you. 

Bri from Design Love Fest often shares interior inspiration and I just love her eye for colour and design. 

I adore Nicole valentine Don's blog the transcontinental affair, masssive fan of all the imagery that she shares. You can also follow her on pinteret.

I am the biggest fan of Anthropologie Decor so I enjoy flicking through the images that they share, their Instagram is also great for searching for imagery and idea. I think if you get the chance to pop into Anthropologie do it, its a wonderful place to find inspiration.

I think it is so important that we fill our space with a little bit of our own personality. Even the smallest of spaces can be turned into the cutest of places.  Currently my work space has been filled with greenery and brightly coloured prints, from my shop, Rosie Wonders, Rifle paper co, wrap and cut outs from newspapers and magazines. I am currently saving for a little chair to sit in front of my large ikea book shelf so I can use it for my reading area. 
I have a few top tips for adding your own flair to your space. 

- collect things that make you smile be it photos, flowers or candles 
- Don't worry about order or making things look neat
- Bright colours always cheer a space up
- Plants, succulents, cactus and flowers always cheer a space up.
- Buy fun posters, prints and paintings from your favorite artists. 
- Look for blog tutorials on making your own things to put in your space, all will be unique to you. 
- You dont have to spend loads of money on your space, shop at charity shops, Tiger, Ikea, Markets, free selling website life freecycle. 

I hope these tips and inspirational websites have helped you think a little more about being creative in your space. 


1 June 2016

detoxing Skincare with Champneys Pt 2

So during my weekly detox with Champneys I also go the chance to try their detoxing skin care range. Now I have to admit I neglect my skin pretty much every bath time. I'm always rather cautious of using new products. So to begin with I don't have a shower at mine shocking i know. I have never been to a spa before so being able to have such lovely items to use everyday is lovely. I really love the smell of the Detox skin firming shower scrub. 

My skin is often very dry and in need of moisture, also I have a few new ankle tattoos so they could do with a little care. I started with the shower scrub which is beautiful orange it leaves your skin feeling subtle and deeply cleansed. I made a point of exfoliating the most neglected areas like my feet, elbows and knees. I felt pretty wonderful after this experience.  After my relaxing bubble bath I found that after using the scrub my skin soaked in the moisture and needed to use skin firming body butter. 

After a few days of using the body butter I felt that my skin and become so much soft and feeling a lot more firm. It's nice taking the time to look after the skin we are in, often this is neglected so its nice to be indulgent.

I chose to use the mud mask for firming my thighs later in the week as I'm rather a messy person and figured I would get the mud all over the bathroom. I enjoyed smothering my legs in the mud, I left it for a good twenty minutes to absorb all the goodness and mineral. I'm not to sure if it made my thighs firmer but it was an enjoyable experience and they felt moisturised. 

After my detoxing week was up I felt that I had cleansed my body inside and out, it was nice to take some time on me. 


25 May 2016

a little colour

T-shirt - Zara, Jeans - H&m,  Boots - Next, Necklaces - Vintage, Vivienne Westwood 

I often get asked via my instagram why I don't do more outfit photos, because the reason is rather evident I can't help but look like a bit of a tit when the camera is pointed at me. My style recently has become heavily influenced by my love for Pattie smith, staple items and charity shop finds.

Don't you just love it when your friends have crazy props available at work,  when ever I am in the Brick Lane area I love to swing by Tatty Devine, such a colourful shop and the fact one of my favorite people works there is a bonus! 

Outfit wise today's look consisted of everything black and the worlds longest leather boots, mainly for comfort. I love wearing clothes now that make me feel comfortable, never one to dress to make someone else happy, I never leave the house without my trust leather jacket from Zara and hello lovely little lapel pins the gin pin is from the lovely ladies at Tatty Devine, the cat face is from Rosie Wanders and a fun little badge from the new punk exhibition at The British Library.

Even though my outfit doesn't scream rainbow I love the fact that East London is always a wash with colour, new graffiti, colorful building and energy, so I don't often feel a need to be flamboyant.

13 May 2016

Detoxing with Champneys Pt.1

Detoxing, we've all heard that phrase often, but I have never been the type of person to be too follow a diet style, but when Champneys got in contact  I couldn't wait to add some goodness to my diet after a few months of being a tad lazy. I love a good smoothie and I often opt for a coffee in the morning so whilst I was back in Norfolk we took the little challenge of having a wee detox. Making these simple smoothies was really easy. 

Saturday - 

We decided to give the kale a whirl first, we put all the ingredients into the smoothy maker whizzed it up. I was rather dubious as I'm not a massive fan of Kale, it was really green so that always a bonus when being healthy. It wouldn't be my go to smoothie, but i certainly felt a lot fresher then downing a black coffee.


Sunday morning we wandered down by the Broads and stumbled upon a Farmer selling fresh eggs and snapped two dozen up for £2 and thought they would complement the ginger in our smoothies. I think I prefer this ginger zesty smoothie a lot better then the previous days Kale goodness. It really freshened our walk up. I think along side eating healthy and getting goodness into you it is vital to get yourself outside and into the fresh air. The long walk took us around two hours working our muscles and getting out into nature is my favorite way to gain inspiration.

 Monday - 

By the time came on  I was super excited to get trying the berry smoothie, I'm a massive fan of all berries, this one had Blueberries and Raspberries so truly the best way to start the day.  I love the fact that this smoothie included coconut milk and me and Kelly were the biggest fan, it was rather thick so thick that I felt like I didn't have to have breakfast with it and we sat in the early morning sun and soaked up all the goodness. In the past I had avoided the prep and effort of making smoothies but I found that actually it is a really easy was of introducing lots of healthy goodies easily into your diet. Looking forward to sharing my next installment with Champneys detoxing and looking after my skin.

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