1 August 2016

Extend your weekend with Lipton Ice Tea

Last week I was given the wonderful opportunity to visit the Lipton Ice Tea pop in at the Hoxton Gallery, it was a super early start for me so it was nice to get the chance to wander into London at that time of the day. As an artist myself often there aren't too many interactive creative events but I loved the fact that I could challenge my drawings skills with a chance to create something using a virtual reality headset.

Now I am rather rubbish when it comes to drawing anything virtually but it was so much fun, there were different settings and I really enjoyed the space background were you could draw with glittery stars. I didn't realise that the whole virtual; experience was so immersive and the session went by so quickly. I created a few drawings, they weren't the best creation I had ever done but I had so much fun working the headset and getting to use the controls rather than creating something with pen and paper.

Dotted about the room while I sipped on my Lipton Ice Tea were large sheets of paper and a wonderful creative guy called Doodle Man, we had a good chat about drawing as obviously i adore drawing. His illustration work adorned the walls of the gallery and we were encouraged to fill the space with thick marker pens and black ink. I took part in a little drawing workshop where Doodle Man got us to create doodles in 10 seconds trying to think on our feet and just create, it definitely got my brain working at 9 am, making me feel like I had extended my weekend way into Monday morning. If you had the chance to extend your weekend what fun things would you get upto?

12 July 2016

My experince with fat shaming after loosing weight

I wasn't 100% sure how I would word this post, I just knew I had to talk about my experience. People who have been following and reading my blog from the start or up until two years ago would of read about my weight loss. Now its been one hell of a journey tough at times but who wants things to come so easy in life hey!? 

Something hit home to me the other day that I have been struggling with, I received a message from a guy on Tinder (the joys), now often the messages start with compliments about how I look, bear in mind this dating app is solely based on looks, so clearly the two people have to like the look of each other, its pretty simple and pretty shallow. But this one guy really troubled me, so I shared with him after a few comments that I had lost weight not digressing how much until later in the conversation. He proceeded to tell me that he doesn't know many people who are into "fat chicks" as he so eloquently put it, then going onto say he was glad I had lost weight as he probably wouldn't of even swiped right on me if I had been my "Old self". In that moment when I read it I wanted to unmatch him instantly. But you know what I stood my ground and I gave him more then a bit of my mind.

Now I had some thoughts for one I haven't changed myself I have just lost weight, I am the same person I was when I was a size 22 to the person I am today at a size 8, what people don't realise is as much as I enjoy being the size I am now for the fact I can breath easier and feel more comfortable in myself, I don't need to be told that I am now more desirable being a slimmer woman, it is not how people should be thinking. It reinforces that fact the thoughts I had were justified, the thoughts of being worthless when I was bigger. I am still just as insecure as I was when I was a larger size, this is something I am working on, and it makes me angry that certain people refuse to see passed someones looks. I have had this from ex boyfriends as well " I wouldn't of asked you out if you had been as big as you use to be." It truly hurts that people think like that, I understand physical attraction is important but to be so shallow is shocking.

 It and you know what I felt an anger that has been troubling me since I've lost weight. People make silly assumptions that being bigger automatically makes you lazy, unhealthy or unlovable and its just not the case. You obviously (not always) have to be attracted to the person you're with, but to sweepingly dismiss someone because oh how they look is shocking. The guy proceeded to tell me that I was unlikely to date a 20 stone guy because being big is unattractive according to this Tinder guy. I have dated all different body types its the persons personality and how they treat you is attractive. 

 I lost weight for my health problems not because I wanted someone to love me, I was unhappy with the way I looked, I spent many years feeling massively inadequate and unattractive becasue of my size, I felt that I couldn't be attractive because I was larger. It is now a silly and self destructive trail of thought, i know that and I have learned this the hard way. Anyone, any size, shape colour or sexuality deserves love, deserves to feel sexy, deserves to feel wanted. 

Do not fear I know that this guy was narrow minded and in his own odd way trying to give me a compliment regarding how I look now, but remember that silly things people say can have a massive effect on how we see ourselves, just remember that there are a handful of nasty people compared to the kind, compassionate and loving individuals that we choose to hold onto. Don't get me wrong people are allowed opinions but when these are sweeping, contradictions (his was very) I eventually came to the conclusion I feel sorry for them, imagine living such a shallow life. 

So the moral of the story is to love yourself and avoid Tinder.

8 July 2016

Aloft London Excel stay

I had the pleasure of staying the night at the lovely Aloft London Excel, even though I am a Londonder I still get super excited about staying in my own city.  My room was upgraded to a suite which was bigger then my house so you can imagine how nice it was to have some quiet time and space. 

The Hotel itself had some really helpful staff and I don't think I have stayed in a Hotel that modern. So it made for a fun experience. The artist in me loved the colour of the exterior of the hotel, yep I know massively geeky.  The location of the hotel is great if you need to visit tourist attractions, but at the same time it felt like you weren't in London. 

My room over looked the river and it felt rather peaceful as I sipped on my coffee, I have recently become a massive coffee addict so it was nice touch to have the coffee machine at my disposable, it really is about the small things.

I spent my evening in the WXYZ bar which had a really fun atmosphere whilst live musicians played I sat and drew whilst eating. 
It was really nice because often when I'm traveling and staying alone it  can feel a tad lonely but the atmosphere was fun and friendly.

Morning, I emerged after a wonderful nights sleep in a big double bed to myself and ventured down stairs to sample the breakfast. There was a lovely mix of fresh fruit and cooked breakfast I'm not a big breakfast gal so I opted for some orange juice and fruit, thinking I'll make myself a tea after my shower. 

I did stupidly blow my kettle up resulting in having to call the reception as it had blown the electrics resulting in me looking rather soggy after the shower and waiting for the electrician to turn up. which he did super quick and sorted things with no effort. 

I loved the interior of my suite, it was modern, minimal and well thoughts out. It was lovely and peaceful even though you could see the aeroplanes over head



7 July 2016

Foodie Haunts - freak shakes fun

 So if like me you love the occasional indulgent treat then head to the Canvas cafe just off brick lane create the tastiest of Vegan treats...welcome to the world the Freak shakes  You've probably seen them all over Instagram, but in real life they are just as tasty as they look.


Now I'm a complete sucker for a milkshake but I no longer drink cows milk and it's often such a challenge to find something Vegan and sweet when I go out for a meal. I had the chocolate freak shake which came with little bits of brownies, I discovered that the juices chickpeas come in can be turned into meringue, it blew my tiny mind!

The Canvas cafe has such a chilled vibe and felt really welcoming, it was really nice to find a little calming cafe of the bustle that is Brick lane and it is definitely worth a try. 

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