22 June 2017

Recent sketchbook work

 So I have fallen back in love with my large square sketchbook, I am also a little bit obsessed with working with floral patterns and I have taken inspiration for Caitlin Shearer's cookbook photos, today I took a few hours of just painting, I have had a few days off with Ben which have really helped me just switch off from all my work and stress so I don't think my brain is yet ready to dive straight back in and thats ok, I have been exploring new ideas. I really want to bring out a series of items mainly clothing so I am working through different pattern ideas, this is probably why I am diving back into my sketchbook and just painting. 

The time away from work is always nice it was pretty abrupt and unplanned so I can't wait to share the photos of our little time away and adventures.


16 June 2017

I have been nominated for a Mollie Makes Award - product of the year

How exciting is this, I received an email a few or so ago telling me that my "Bloom where you are planted" vases has been shortlisted for Mollie Makes Product of the year award. Unlike the other awards this one is voted for by the readers and the public. So I would love it if you could possibly vote for the Vase to win

This vase was inspired by my late mother who was a florist, I know she would be really proud of me for being nominated. There are also some other really great products and other categories that are up on the website, head over and have a look

15 June 2017

Luxury Hotel Review - Lords of the Manor, Cotswold

There is nothing I loved more growing up then taking visits to the countryside with my family, so I had been to upper and lower slaughter but I had forgotten just how beautiful it was. Ben and I had the wonderful privialge of staying the night at possibly the swankiest hotel I've stayed at Lords of the Manor . The hotel it self is an old Manor House and the part we were staying the night in was the oldest part I believe it had been a rectory. So I was excited to learn about the history and the chance to stay in a luxury hotel. 
Driving from London to the Cotswold isn't too much of a journey and the scenery was so quaint and British, we detoured through Burford which is pretty picturesque and iconic. Now both me and Ben were pretty excited about visiting and whilst Ben had just come from work I think his excitement was too much and spent the afternoon napping while I wrote, drew and read. It proved to be a pretty peaceful place to find inspiration, as it's so in the Cotswolds there is practically no outside noise other then the rain hitting the window Paynes. 

I decided to make an effort and wear something nice as there is often a dress code for dinner so we knew that the food that would be served would be pretty amazing and we weren't let down as a vegatraian there were a few options for me which is always encouraging. We had three courses set out for us so we had a lovely night of food ahead of us, one of my favourite discoveries was the hand made butter that beautifully flavoured I probably could of happy just eaten the bread and butter for the rest of the meal.

The rest of our meal was beautifully severed and the waiters were just amazing keeping us entertained and welcomed. Both me and Ben had such a rememberable meal and Ben was so pleased with his mains.

After dinner we decided to sit in the bar area that felt like you were comfortably sitting in someones living room.

I do struggle to sleep in general Ben was out like a light and both of us did have a lovely nights sleep, I dont think I have ever slept in a four poster bed before so, it definitely made for a good nights sleep.
I was really excited for breakfast as it is one of my favourite things when I stay in a hotel and I wasn't disappointed we walked into the dinning all and there were all manners of food waiting for us. I enjoyed a coffee toast, fruit salad and a few pastries 

For me what was such a wonderful surprise was the amount of amazing art work that filled the walls of the Manor House I was giving a little tour of the building and as a fine art graduate as well as being the biggest history geek I really loved be taken around and told the history of the house. I was really impressed with the lovely staff that waited on us hand and foot and gave us one of the best stays I've ever had. Would high recommend a nights stay especially in the summer the seating outside has the most wonderful views and the local countryside is worth a wander. 


10 June 2017

Top summer ice tea recipes

So I have teamed up with Newby Tea to share with my favourite of their summer ice tea recipes

Newby Tea have a range of 25 blends inspired by the craft and heritage of fine tea.I have always been a big fan of ice teas in the summer its super healthy and is so refreshing. So to coincide with it being National Ice tea day, if you use the code ICETEA you get 15% off how fab is that!

I have decided to share with you two of my favourite flavours

What you will need

ice cubes
chill water
kettle for brewing
Tea pot or jug for brewing
Newby classic tea bags
fresh fruit and herbs to garnish

Green Lemon Iced TeaMethod: Brew 3 Newby Green Lemon Tea Bags at 80C for 3 minutes in a pot or jug. Leave to cool and then pour the tea into a glass filled with ice. Stir the mixture and top up with a little chilled water. Garnish with lemon and lime pieces and serve. 

Berry Mint Iced Green TeaMethod:Brew 1 Newby Summer Berries tea bag, 1 Newby Peppermint Tea Bag and 1 Newby Green Sencha Tea Bag at 85C for 4 minutes in a pot or jug. Leave to cool and then pour the tea into a glass filled with ice. Stir the mixture and top up with a little chilled water. Garnish with mixed frozen berries or redcurrants, blackcurrants, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries and add a sprig of mint to finish, then serve.

Strawberry & Mango Iced Black Tea  
Brew 2 Newby Strawberry and Mango tea bags at 100C for 4 minutes in a pot or jug.
Leave to cool and then pour the tea into a glass filled with ice.
Stir the mixture and top up with a little chilled water.
Garnish with fresh strawberries and serve.
You can share you Newby tea creations using the hashtag #Newbyteas 

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