20 December 2009

More teacup candles for sale with handmade box

So i've been making these little candles from old teacups that i've found around the house and in charity shops, iv been selling them on my etsy site....http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=37149234 they vary in price this one is £9 plus postage and packaging, im working still on the boxes i havent yet come up with a best shape or colour would be great to know what people think...? The flower shaped teacups are laura ashley designer teacups and are going for £20 each they will be uploaded onto my etsy site tomorrow...


handmade christmas cards..

These were a set of christmas cards that i made to sell at a carboot sale today but the booty was closed because of the bad weather so i thought i would put them up on my blog for a bit of festive cheer Enjoy!


new etsy site :)

So i've just made an etsy sight http://www.etsy.com/your_shop.php, with the new candles i've made im selling them a little bit more then the £6 i stated earlier in an earlier blog just so it will pay for materials and stuff also coming up on there soon will be prints and tempoary tattoos on my art work for people to buy, i know its not in time for christmas nut its a start and people do like to buy vintage and handmade things so what the heck get involved or it you would like one just message me, i need to source some moe teacups so more of my favourite thing charity shop shopping :) woooopie xx

18 December 2009

Hand made tea cup candles.

I'm selling these for £6 please get in touch if anyone fancies one :)
this idea has been a long time coming, it's just that i was bored at home over christmas and my mum gave me a mother cup as you do and i remebered that i wanted to make these sweet little candles, because its been snowing back home i packed the cup with snow from  my backgarden to get the wax to set in the cup.... very wintery.

15 December 2009

so chrismassy work :)



i've been working on my sketchbook woop!!

8 December 2009

At the moment..

so at the moment im working hard on my MA applications and what fun they are :) NOT! I still dont really know if its waht i want to do but im going to apply anyway not that i stand a chance actually getting in to anywhere to do illustration... Anyway i had my last tutorial of 3rd year first term and it went very considering having an asthma attack and having my work analogized i was in a really rather good mood, mary mubbut my tutor really like the heads and some of the illustrations of women sitting down which is great and now over the christmas period iv got to make another book but of the illustrations iv already done foe "when it rains" i have to compositionaly make them appealing :) this is sooo much fun good times. this is some of my tutors work Mary mubutt shes really great :)

5 December 2009

When it rains... a couple of sketches im working on


Animals in jumpers :)


27 November 2009

some wintery dooo dooo ooooodles..


26 November 2009

my website

CLICK HERE...Just wanna show some of my old work, hopefully get to put some more new work up on here..have a look :)

21 November 2009

some polaroids from summer 2009


somemore knitwear illustrations...


20 November 2009

New illustration work...watercolours

So these are few new watercolour works for my new book, that i am creating atm for my 3rd year project called 'when it rains' its basically filled with work up from sketches of people i see when i am sat in costa having a coffee on a rainy day, i am also atm doing a set of screen printed images of a few of these drawings so i can put them onto fabric to experiment with a more collage style, abit like charlie and lola, the art in that by lauren childs. Im currently learning how to illustrate books properly with storyboards and layouts stress! when youve done a fine art course for 2 years and your a messy person ha!


some more illustration work for my new book...screen print


New illustration work


17 November 2009

columbia road trip...

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