19 March 2009

Article written about my First solo exhibtion

This is an article that was written about my exhibition, that was held at babahogs
written my Bethany Norcross
A second year University College Falmouth student will be holding a public exhibition of her work in local cafe, this month.Twenty-year-old student, Ella Masters will be displaying her work at her first solo exhibition in Babahogs on February 16. Ella has lived in Cornwall for two years now, after moving from London to begin her first year in University.The female art student has lived in Cornwall for two years now, after moving down from London in 2007, to begin her first year at University College Falmouth. Ella Masters said: "As this is my first solo exhibition, I am really excited about being able to show the public the results of all that hard work.
''My style of drawing is quite contemporary and I think it reflects my personality. I have really enjoyed the preparation leading to the exhibition and I'm so grateful that Babahogs have given me this opportunity. So come along as see what you think."
The art exhibition will show some of her best work, with the use of pens and bright colours. The exhibition will last for a week, but the public opening will be at 7 PM until 9PM in the evening, February 16. Coffee and refreshments will be available for purchase, as well as all of the art work.

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