26 July 2009

this is what my friend debz said about me....

As one of my best friends, this girl means the world to me. I've known her for quite a few years aswell, we met in school. She is ultra talented and her work has always amazed me, if somewhat made me jealous too! I know that she's been through alot in her life and has had alot of hard, bad times. And yet I look at her and she is soo strong. She has never let it pull her down. She just seems to be getting better and better in life. I think she doesn't quite know how amazing and how pretty she is and underestimates herself.I love how much we have in common yet our characters are so different.She's so brave and out there and I'm not,yet we get along really well. She should know that she has a huge support network around her that consists of lots of adoring friends and one strong family unit..which she may not see as strong, but looking from the outside in...I'd say they were. I am expecting great things from her in years to come and hoping she'll take me along with her for the ride!! I miss her alot.

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