19 January 2010

Dissertation drama!

I've written 2 dissertations and my head hurts :( 15,000 words later and im a stressed mess! all i have to do i one, but i so indecisive :(
So i've decided to included here a couple of drawings that iv've put in my dissertation, it is called 'the importance of drawing in art now' BORING! haha i jsu thought i'd do a post because i havent in an age due to the stress of my 3rd year :( enjouy :)


  1. WOW that teacup is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Awww thank you its for a project i did about home, my mum collects teacups so i did a few of them, its great to know that people appreciate my work :) xx

  3. I know how you feel! I just handed my dissertation in on Monday. I haven't had time to think about anything else, which was depressing. I agree with 'Victoria Stitch' that tea cup is just wonderful. The detail is beautiful, what did you use to colour it? x

  4. yeah just watercolour and a lil bit of cross hatching with pen, i've made some cards, they will be on my etsy site in a min, they are hand printed and the teacup is one of the designs and they are only £2.50, so you could own one if you wanted :) tell me about it i had a meeting today with my tutor im so bored of it now :( lol xx

  5. Good way to start on my own dissertation writing tips today. Thanks for sharing this.


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