24 March 2010

The delicious miss dahl

Sophie Dahl, one of the most glorious women on the planet, shares delicious secrets from her slinky kitchen, funny stories and favourite recipes in a beautifully illustrated hardback. With delectable recipes for each season, this luscious abundant take on food will delight women everywhere. 

This was a description for her lovely cooking book just watched her new cooking programme i dont normally write bout things like this but i really found it nice and calming, shes a proper stunner to, her house is to die for like she fell into a wardrobe of cath kidson and laura ashley perfect combination :)



  1. hey ella, you might want to change the font you are using on your blog or at least up it a point size. its quite difficult to read. x

  2. I love Sophie Dahl, she is amazing! Her programme was lovely, and made me happy. Thanks for following my blog, your's is lovely :0)


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