6 March 2010


I am a wee bit nervous about today if it pans out the way i want it to then i shall tell you all, but for now i need to get dressed and put my stuff together :)

So what i was nervous about was that a little shop in falmouth had asked if i wanted to put some of my work permenatly in their shop to sell, emma was lovely she and ella own twolittle birds it is a vintage fashion shop and i will be selling my teacup and teapot necklaces including my cards and teacup candlesl, also in negotiation is my watercolour paintings of my tattooed people...so whatch this space and pop is you are in fal to twolittle birds its lovely in tehre....my stuff wont go on sale till tuesday 9th march but go and have a look anyway :) oooo im excited and to add to the excitement im going to beth's for a sleep over!!! and then carboot sale in the morning :) make lots of monies to save up for my studio :)

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