30 March 2010

you know what is really inspiring the buggery out of me atm is....

001.Hair, fashion, its all pretty much all i can think of atm, trying soooo bloody hard to get some promo on my stuff so much to do so little time so u thought i would put all the ideas i had in my head and all the images that have inspired me recently up here :)

This image i discovered on a feefren i love 40's and 50's hair, i did experiment the other day my sister use to be a hairdresser at college and  she had loads of curlers and i got some stuck in my hair stoooopid girl!! lol

002. I discoverd this artist when i was rumagin around he tea rooms in bricklane, she paints over old photographs, its pretty fab her name is kitty valentine they are pretty cool

003 i really really want to scan some of my work in and show everyone but i dont have ascanner back home in london so it will have to wait.


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  1. I lovely your pretty blog :)
    I wish i could go back and study an art degree!
    vicki xo


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