9 April 2010

Cemetary Junction...

+01 So i have become obsessed with this film, Cemetary Junction, even though i havent seen it yet, seen two trailers for it, and it looks so funny! And not mention that one of the lead actors is rather lush, and the good thing is he looks like my boyfriend, i've already ask joe to dye his hair brown so he looks like the actor haha!
Cemetary Junction is a comedy set in 1970’s Southern England in the town of Reading (which is west of London) and 3 blue collar friends feel trapped in the town with no where to go.... dreaming of escape. The threesome spend most of their time joking, drinking, fighting and of course chasing girls and are happy the way things are going. One of the three (Chrisitian cooke)  gets a job as a door to door salesman and he bumps into an old flame and the three must make choices that will change there lifes forever.

Im loving this atm, because im basing my book around the 70's, so im loving the musc and the fashion in this film, Ricky gervais directed this movie, im not a massive fan of his comedey but i like the style of this film.



  1. Oooh I want to see this film so badly too!

    I lived opposite Cemetery Junction for a year in Reading :D x

  2. ooo really looks like sucha good film im loving your blog especially the7 dresses :P xx


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