25 April 2010

Dot 'n' Roll...rebel in paradise a dedication.

Leather jacket : Primark
Silk polka dot vest : newlook
jeggings : Newlook
+01 This is my outfit from today, i bought the silk vest recently and it makes me feel so i free, the wind blew up my top making me look a wee bit larger then i am. Its so easily stanned its soo stoopid. The leather jacket is my favourite thing in the world i've had it for about 5 years now it is covered in hole but i love it to much to get rid of it. Its brown leather, i had a look for a new one but i cant find the perfect leather one that compares.

+02 A year ago today a good friend of mine ryan died in a freak accident along with his little sister and luke, he was a real inspiration, Ryan was so hard working he spent most of his degree working at the cab company he ownedhe died 2 months before he could finish his degree, thats why i've been working so hard this year, to be so close to something and not getting it, to be a nice person and then them not being here anymore...it makes you realise the importance of everything..it was hard not getting to say good by to him. It was all over the news, it was so surreal and it still is. I just wanna dedicate this to ryan & his little sister frankie its not much, but what can you say ...Rebel in paradise x

+03 This book is slowly moving in a diffrent direction..? I've slightly changed the plot...and at the same time slowly loosing the plot!

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