7 April 2010

for me.....

+01I desperatly want one of these printing machines cheapest i found was £128, im thinking maybe me and the bf could half it and print cards i really really want one. I cant find the blog i got the right image from whoops!

+02 These lovely letter pendants are by the jeweller maria Liddel 
Thes pendant some in various colours and i discoverd them at the, At work gallery on bricklane, it is filled with wonderful designer jewellery, mondern jewellery made from acrylic plastic, to semi precious stone jewellery, its a pretty cool shop.



  1. I saw this gocco printer a while ago and fell in love with the fact how easy it is to use. I want it, too!

  2. those pendants are awesome!
    sighs i want that printing machine so bad.

    love it!
    your blog is great too btw x


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