3 April 2010

the truth about my jumper fetish!

001.I just love this image,  i seem to have such a weird fascination with jumpers it started from when i was little i think, i had this amazing barbar jumper made by my auntie jean and you can see not all my brothers and sisters minus saul in our lovely barbar jumpers, i think the patterned jumper fetish came from this moment. I am the little girl sat olding the little boy in the blue i look excatly like this now :) just look a those jumpers pure wolly heaven ....                                                                                                                              
 002. At the moment my blog has alot to do with fashion and everything that inspires me because i am not doing alot of art work because i have to look after my mum for pretty much all of the day, so i dont get anythime to myself, im finding inspiration in vintage clothes jumpers, old photos and lookng at the latest trens, which i am currently writing about in this months Ooh Fudge. stay tuned for a give away.


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  1. looks so cozy! i love the first photo, but the family photo is the best, i love babar, and this photo is just too sweet.


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