27 April 2010

which one?

a+01 i am currently working on my book in the studio and im feeling a little worried if iam picking the right meduim? shall i use acrylics or watercolours im notsure which, watercolours are what i use best but the vibrancy of acrylics is what lures me in..???!!!

what looks better?

+02 i just had a surprise tutorial with my tutor mary and it went sooo well that im rather excited eek! she loved my bok idea but i have to work harder on my illustrations, i need to make it so they flow between each page and make the reader want to carry on looking its going to be a hard 5 weeks but it will be ok :)



  1. hmm that really is a tricky one. maybe go out of your comfort zones, just to give yourself a wee test?

  2. comfort zone === watercolours im still notsure :( i will start with the watercolours tho me thinks thank you xxxxxx


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