9 May 2010

about me....

I realised that i don't really talk about myself as a person much on this blog so here is a wee bit about me...

I have a huge phobia of octopusses i have never seen an alive/real one before, but i have been known to be sick when seeing one on the tv...!?

I have 3 brothers john, conor and saul and a sister Katy

im from london, i hate it when i am there, but i love it when i am away.
'You can take the girl out of london, but you cant take london out the girl'

when i first arrived at uni, 3 years ago everyone thought i was Australian becuase of my strong london accent...or maybe becuase i was bought up on Neighbours!? either one :)

I have a large swallow, music notes and stars, tatoo on my top left wrist my dad disowned me when i got it for 2 weeks, but i love it and that was 4 years ago now so has got over it, but i have never told my Granma...

I have no working memory, if i have something to do apparently 5 secons later i will forget what it is, so i always have to make a massive list on my hand!

Im only 5ft 2 hlf, which isnt fair becuase i really really really want to be taller more then anything in the world!

Oh and i can touch my toes.

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  1. cute post, your tattoo sounds nice! im too a short a$$ at 5.3" so i know the feeling of wanting to be taller lol x


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