20 May 2010

The biggest oppurtunity of my life....

+01 Well scared, excited, worried, nervous are just some of the feelings i am feeling right now beacuse.......i recieved an email late lastnight from a lady you works for Alexander Mcqueen, i applied for work experince/internship on the illustration-graphic design for their collections. So my interview is tomorrow at 6.45pm, i am scared i think that i wont be good enough or maybe they have me mixed up with someone else???!?!?!? So many people have told me to go for it? but i am in cornwall 300miles away so i have to leave uber early to get there for the interview time....

Here are some images of his lovely stuff...

I was like wooowzer at this wonderful snake print and jacket, totally amazing totally out of my price range but look at the detail, beautiful! This ring is amazing i really want it, maybe i could get a goodie bag for go to the interview tomorrow.....i wish!

So wish me luck...


  1. good luck! thats an amazing opportunity!!!!
    keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. wow! congratulations! good luck and stay optimistic xox

  3. That's fantastic! I hope something good comes out of it, and a goody bag would definitely be the most awesome thing ever ^^

  4. wow thats brown trousers time, you would be kicking yourself if you didn't go! what have you got to lose...

    good luck if you do(and do!)

  5. Good luck! Even if you don't get it (but I'm sure you will), it's an amazing experience to have in the bag!!


  6. oh wow! good luck, you'll do great!

  7. omggggggggggggggg

    Do not turn down this opportunity!

    GO for it <3 <3

    Good luck && Let us know how it goes


  8. That is ridonkulous. Really, really amazing! Knock 'em dead Ella! <3


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