30 May 2010


+01 Recently i have been neglecting what it is that i am wearing, because i have been getting up with no time to spare for fashion pickiness! But the other day i decided that i will slowly get my style and fashion savey back, i ventured into new look and discovered these wonderful sandles, i got student discount and they make me feel so summery.
Alot of bloggers have a very consistent style, i find it sooo hard to keep my style level up, with juggling art work and being in the studio, but as soon as i move back home i think i will feel far more free...with my style also the fact that i will be starting my internship it will inspire me with the clothes. So here are a few inspirations... i am soo inspired by the 20's, purple, embelished fabric and colour..espically fashion that has been inspired by art :)

Images found through out the web..if you wish for
me to remove or for you to be named for the wonderful creations let me know.


  1. 20s, love the decade also. have you ever seen the film, bright young things? brilliant clothes in that.

    my style has mellowed out over the past few months, i'm growing into my style me thinks

  2. very cute post :)
    great blog
    loving the posts
    stop by some time!

  3. I love all things art deco ...I think I would have liked the 1920's ..I particularly like 20's style dresses.

    Jackie @ Minerva Collection Handbags & Fashion Jewellery


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