8 May 2010


+01 Today i spent it at uni, well I'm still there now its a Saturday for Christ sake, well I've been thinking since i have such lovely followers that i should do some sort of give away, rather then doing a give away like other people do i intended to create a one-off piece of jewellery when i reach 200 followers, just so it gives me enough time to create something.

+02 I discovered these wonderful Instax Polaroids through Birds of a feather flock together but they are originally from urban outfitters facebook page. I am a massive fan of instax Polaroid camera, i own own one myself, and also 3 vintage Polaroid cameras, i just love them. But the colours in these photographs are fabulous.



  1. that's sound realy awesome, I wait :)

  2. love the idea for your giveaway!!
    and these polaroids are lovely ♥


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