3 May 2010

Jewellery love

+01 since spending the last half an hour looking for lovely rings, and sending the links to llymrls i thought i would share it with the rest of the world, Mixko create these amazing handmade beauties my boyfriend bought me the skull one for christmas and it was the best present ever, the skulls come in diffrent size skulls some with diamonds and there is a gold lustre one for £35 which i think will be my next purchase.
Also i have browsed on this site before miss mousses's shop on etsy, they create handmade antlers, and bear brooches.

+02 So I've been thinking, about my blog im not reallt getting where i want to be with it, im notsure why and i've been asking people, i dont really want to talk about fashion because im not that fashionable, i love vintage, but so does everyone i really need to be looking at something diffrent?  Illustration is my greatest passion but its not getting me very far, i think this blog needs a freasher cleaner better approach let me know what you think!??


  1. really liking the love rings and the antler necklace reminds me of something i just posted on my blog.

    i think concentrate on illustrations, what do you mean it's not getting you far? if it's getting your work out there for free, it can't be a bad thing

  2. true mat true i like the way you think :) ll my love i'll pop over to your blog and have a butchers :) xx


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