10 May 2010


+01 hello, hello dear followers and a quick hello to all my new ones...welcome. It has been a very hard and long monday with the realisation that i have to empty out my vast bedroom, i have soo mnay clothes. So me and my bezzie mate at university have decided to do a yard sale...of practically everything we own, jewellery, clothes, furniture all we have accumilated in the 3years of uni. I will be selling art work aswell. I am going to give my follower alook at what i am selling first so you can see if you wanna buy anything it will be cheap and i will keep you all posted :).

So here above you can see the film i am selling they are all 24 film, c-41 colour, some are  kodak, Fujicolor and AGFA i have 61, i am selling them for a £1 each just lemme know if you fancy any

+02 this is my wonderful lovely colour flash holga i am thinking of selling her she comes with everything, minus film, but im not sure on price atm i'll keep you posted.


These are just some quick snaps of only two of my vintage pieces that i will be selling a very quit and crude blog post whoopz!



  1. I'd like some :)
    would it be possible to have some agfa ones too?

  2. yeah course how many do you want a rough number?! p&p will be like £1-2 i have for AGFA some are out of date :) xxx

  3. @Peas and needles how many my dear? xx

  4. um 5 fujicolour and 5 AGFA? is that ok, do you have a paypal account? email me the details to me at lucy@peasandneedles.co.uk
    thanks so much!

  5. Could i have 8 please, if possible a couple of them being Afga ones :). Let me know paypal address ect :)

  6. danielle above has bought the only AGFA films if she defo sure she wants them sorry, the film will be £5 each i so indeed have a paypal account i'll let you know that the fujicolor is out of date by 2years that ok!? xx

  7. yep danielle wot about 3 fuji, 3 kodak and 2 AGFA?! then i could give 2 AGFA to peas and needles? wot you reck or do you want all 4 AGFA!? XXX

  8. Yeah 2 AFGA, 3 fuji and 3 kodak sounds good. Let me know the final price with postage and stuff and ill send the money on paypal :)

  9. what sort of details from my paypal account do you need?! i have one but know idea how to use it lol!

  10. just the email address it's set up with :)

  11. um we would need your email that you set it up with, have you set it up so you can accept monies?

  12. i think so i will wait till the boy is back and he can do it im sorry im pretty useless :( xx i have emailed you details xx

  13. thats great thanks so much :)
    have a lovely evening!

  14. would be interested in seeing some more of your vintage stuff!

  15. Oh wow, I've been after a Holga for some time now- and this one is awesome! I'd love to know if you're selling it :)


  16. hey danni yeah i am wanting to sell it still i think im selling it for £45 lemme know if you are interested xx

  17. I love the bow jumper!
    i bet it's one of the first things you sold! wish i'd known!


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