17 May 2010


 +01 This was the Yard sale me and my house mates were doing on saturday, there was so much on sale, and we all had so many clothes, there is tonnes and tonnes of stuff for sale i made the most with the gift of the gab apparently i made £120 selling clothes bags, shoes and lots of vintage stuff, the weather was gawjuss and i got a tan so what more could you ask for a tan and money perfect combination.

+02 Once again i had a bit of a shit day, but i decided the best thing was to come home sit in my room with a can of coke and make a dummy book, before i get my one printed on tuesday/thursday so this is what i created the photos are a bit poo but you kind of get the idea hopefully. I am still tweeking the story but im almost there sorry these blog post are a bit boring it just i have so much to do atm.


  1. the yardsale looked awesome. wish i could go hehe!


  2. Wow would've loved to shop in your yard sale! Glad it went well (:

  3. the yard sale looks great, i can spot a few things there that i would have snapped up! you made a great amount too, well done!

  4. A dummy book? What a great idea, Ella! Show us all :)

  5. Your yard sale looked good, I need to do one, whenever I have done a car boot I only end up with £10max.

  6. pretty cool idea, that would never work in my neck of the woods.

    i like your posts, always interesting and good to look at

  7. oh wow-what a yard sale! i just had my very first one this past saturday. geesh theyre a lotta work.
    lovely blog by the way!!


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