26 June 2010


Thank you to all the lovely people that commented on my last post, i feel a little bit better, slightly like a failure that is something in time i will over come.

On some happy and good news i have been looking into getting Giclee prints created of my paintings and illustrations, i am trying to find a really cheap place to get them dome so if anyone knows of any, i've emailed julia pott to ask her haha. I am also going to create a new etsy site for my new illustrations i will be selling, i will be selling my original watercolours if i do not sell them at my degree show probably highly unlikely as everyone is sooo stuck up on fine art :)

Also to let everyone know that i am taking commissions, now that i have time over the summer if anyone wants anything painting, drawing or designed at a reasonable price, i will be more then happy to get involved, you can drop me a comment here or email me at ellamasters1988@hotmail.co.uk. I specialise in fine line drawing, watercolour, fashion drawing, portraiture, landscape but i can draw pretty much anything (not being big headed ha!)
Drop me a line 

I will add to this post later when i get back from the eden project i am going to jack johnson i was going to wear my lovely vintage floral dress but its too hot to wear it so i've opted for a top and skirt. 

25 June 2010


Today has been the biggest bitch ever! Yeah you come to a fine art degree to look at fine art but so what my work looks like its illustration, i bet the person that insulted MY work and My exhibition....couldn't draw or even remotely knows what the fuck they are on about!! I'm sick of these sorts of people they really make me not want to paint or draw ever again...i know you get some critics but why bother being negative really...its not nice ...that has been my day...
''When I wake up in the morning,  I feel just like any other insecure 24-year-old girl. Then I say, 'Bitch, you're Lady Gaga: You get up and walk the walk today.''

OK OK enough of being negative about me.. i was just reading a blog entry from Leah Sullivan from dance in the dark, she writes about having a blog and not really finding her way with the whole fashion trend/fashion blog thing which i can totally sympathies with, I'm not really one to want to share to much of what i have worn or really know where i fit in the blogging world, i am totally inspired by fashion and love it but i do not see myself any different to any of the other bloggers out there that write and photograph their fashion, i find it rather indulgent and being quite shy i find photographs of me really hideous to be honest maybe that's just me. By the way i am not obsessed with lady gaga i just found the quotes quite appropriate.

The blogging world is so massive that it very hard to be one of those people to really make an impact, and i think after today i would be rather hypocritical I said you know be yourself don't let other influence you, when my first entry was about a mean person commenting on my work, everything in life i think makes people consious of themselves be it their clothes, hair, art, writing or weight. But the best thing i find to do it take those negative comments or even your insecurities and shove em in those negative peoples faces, its always the way i do it. Its not about showing off its about standing proud. Yeah my work in the degree show is illustration, for now it is, but i can paint a mean portrait in, any medium or material anyone gives me its having that confidence to allow yourself to realise your insecurities and failures, but never dwell on them for long, create the person you want to be. 

"Well, that's your opinion, isn't it? And I'm not about to waste my time trying to change it."
          Lady Gaga

I grew up in a very poor (not well off shall i say) family with no other family members going to university, no one to show me the path, no one to follow, but my gut instinct and my heart ( and i guess my skills) but i have worked bloody hard to get here and for someone to turn around and say some ridiculous comment well you know what who ever wrote the comment...i hope you like what i wrote back to you in my comments book at the bottom of the page....FUCK YOU... isn't it just great venting your anger :)

I have come to realise from doing this blog for a few years that it really doesn't matter if you have a niche market, or you are just writing to yourself, as long as you stay true to yourself and don't blow £200 at topshop to get 5 extra followers then that's all that matters.

24 June 2010

fishtails and fun

I spoke earlier in the month about being ask to create the title and decoration for a wonderful blog by, Elenor blogger of Pretty much Penniless what with moving all my belongs to london and finishing my degree i have only got round to starting it toda

Since not really having much to do, other then painting some watercolous and commisons. I have taken to trawelling the internet when i have a spare moment, i have discoverd some rather wonderous things. Me and my boyfirend have been in disscusion about getting a Shop,!? I have been looking for inspiration and searching for empty properites in london and falmouth. But i did stumble upon an amazing shop, in a place (when i am home back in london) nearly every sunday but i have never seen it before. I thought i would share the wonderful image i have found on their website. It really inspires me to really try for this shop, i want a studio at the back too! 

Jessie & Buddug the shop...Amazing name, amazing plaec.

I'm sure you agree with me that their shop is pretty wonderful, it reminds me of charles dickens's book the old curisosity shop. Filled with wonderful finds and goodies. (when i googled an image for the old curiosity shop i discovered an image of a mummified body in a case, freaked me out a lil...not that you really needed to know this Moving on!)
I am so inspired to take time out and just make tonnes of stuff. More cards and more necklaces!

You can purchase these at urban outfitters i believe, i think they are lovely i use to have a little frog brooch like this, everything is wonderfully handmade, they also do made to order products.


I have been invigulating my degree show at uni, Oh the joys!  have to do it again at 3pm till 6pm and im not going to lie but its a tad bit tedious and boring i'm sure none of my work is going to sell so i really cannot be asked to to it, so i am just really waiting around painting until 3pm comes along, but to fill my time i have learnt something new :P i have always wanted to know hoe to create a fishtail braid in my hair, you know that really funky plait, well i learnt today with the help of youtube & foxy locks, it is actually alot easier then i thought it would be, in anger the other day i chopped my hair off, not all of it but enough to now annoy me, but i can still plait.


22 June 2010

Fair as the moon

I have all the joys of summer flowing through me today. I am free mind, body and soul!

Headed to truro today to go to topshop and the art store mainly, Cornwall is pretty much lacking alot of cosmipolitian vibes tbh, but that is why i love it, if truth be told, charity shops are cheap, because the evil demonds that sourround the ones in london havent got there evil tenticals down to cornwall just yet. I managed to pick up a bragain. I am a bloody good at thrifting and i am a charity shop lover, mother bought me up well you see she told me when i was little and got picked on at school that it would catch on and be in fashion she was bloody right....to IN FASHION if you ask me. Anyway...i trundled along to truro arts, got excited about paint, paintbrushes and canvases that i couldn't afford and i bought some watercolour paper, £1.60 a bargain.

I have been thinking of turning my paintings into fashionable necklaces on mini-canvases attached to chains what do people think....? It was an idea i came up with today!

Well as i ventured into to topshop i was in temptation valley not a good place to be if your saving up for a £6,000 MA and a shop, so i tried stuff on and drolled over it a lil put it back told myself that it WAS ok to buy a £32 top, told myself that it was not a good idea, if i wear it alot it would be ok, put it back left the shop telling my boyfriend that i loved everything in the shop and hinting only to find out he had the grand sum of £38.10 in his bank account so no new topshop clothes today and i feel sooo good about it. You know what!? i have never ever bought a full price item of clothing from Topshop....can i call myself a female blogger? HA!

It was before i ventured into Topshop that i discovered the most amazing thing in the world....a cake stand and a sweet jar from laura Ashley...Sale item mind you 30% off, i desperatley wanted both, promising myself that they would look amazing in my shop....if i had a shop....it may look boring but it was fablous. So me and joe started planning the shop we have come up with a name and decor almost....sooo exciting!

 I got back from shopping to find parcels for me, books i had ordered the other day off amazon, i decided that because now i have finished my degree i would actually educate myself, becuse you know what after doing a fine art degree, were the tutors teach their pupils nothing....i thought i'd be radical and buy a book...a book about the pre-Raphaelites, well its a book about lizzie Siddal, and the brotherhood ooo i've turned into a right geek soooo very boring i tell theeee!

But education and an appreciation for the arts is a wonderful thing. I need to boost my confidence some more so i am going to paint a masterpiece...haha i joke i am going to enter an exciting competition i have given myself 8 days to complete a piece of work for the sunday times watercolour cmpetion 2010..wish me luck.

To touch the glove upon her tender hand
To watch the jewel sparkle in her ring
Lifted my heart into a sudden song
As when the wild birds sing.

To touch her shadow on the sunny grass
To break her pathway through the darkened wood,
Filled my life with trembling tears
And silence where i stood.

I watched the shadows gather around my heart,
I lived to know that she had gone-
Gone gone for ever like the tender dove
That left the Ark alone.

Elizabeth Siddal
Date unkown

I thought i would include a poem from the book i am reading, it is a weee bit tragic or alot seeing as the women dies, but i just thought it was very beautiful to much talk of consumerism, and selfishness i though i could post up a few wonderfull words to inspire and educated.

White hot chocolate and new top need i say more..


21 June 2010

they see swifts on the breeze.

Today is a bad day, for reasons i wont say on here, its to do with my degree and being thoroughly disappointed with myself. But i guess on a happier note now this is an open door to my future. Positive thinking is the way forward i think. Anyway enough about me.

I have recently seen some fabulous things that i really want to blog about.
I'm thinking English rose, I'm thinking flowers, I'm thinking Alexander McQueen, I'm thinking inspiration.

Since 2005 i have had the paper clipping of a collection by Tracey Boyd, if you haven't come across her work before, you will love her inspirational, imaginative colourful vibrancy for fashion.

It is inspired by fairy tales, English countrysides, Monet and poetry. The imagery reminds me of Tim walker.


20 June 2010

Festival fashion

Damn emails i just went to my hotmail inbox to find an email from glastonbury festival, why are they tormenting me with their wonderful line-up i went last year and yeah it was good but, i dunno i have a feeling that this year would be ten-times better if i went! Also its the 40th anniversary and i wanna see stevie wonder is it to much to ask really!?

Talking about festivals, festival fashion is always a must look during the summer, my attier from last years festival consisted of pink leopard print childerns wellies, denim mini and a top because my tent broke thus when it rained it created a paddling pool size swamp at the bottom of my bloody tent rendering all my clothes unwearable!

 Look at the mass of hair, god i love dry shampoo!

We all know that the foot wear for festivals is wellies, and god you will need them after days of trudging through mud, sick and other un-godly things you will need trusty foot wear i came across a fashionable website that were saying you will only need to wear gladiators, espidrilles, go for hunters or cheapo wellies.

Also there are some wonderful outfits to be worn at festivals think short, baggy tops, cardis and straw boaters.

There are so many outfits people could copy to look good at a festival but the main thing is to experiment with vintage and new stuff and just have fun soak up the atmosphere, dont get too drunk, make sure you take hygenic hand wash becasue the plop and drops as i loving called them at glasto are evil places :P .

week in slices.

This is my week in photos and sketchbook work. I is slowly dawning on me that i will have to move hundreds of miles away from my beloved this makes me sooo sad, its horrible to have to do long distant relastionships sad times but i guess i can have a winderous time with him until we have to leave. I have also just applied to be a creative assistant at topshop no idea what it is but i thought why the hell not!

Me and joe have been looking at renting a shop and we have discovered one in falmouth for £8,000 p.a which isnt bad so i plan to save and work until i get my dream!!!!

On a far more scarier note i get my degree results on monday and i am so scared its unbelieveable i cant even think about it!

19 June 2010

warm glows

So yesterday i took a break with my boyfriend and we ventured down to the vegan vegitarian cafe in falmouth called Pea Souk, it is probably the smallest cafe that you will ever encounter but it is filled with wonderful and pretty trinkets, the food was amazing, lots of olives, feta and houmous.

The reason i'm writting about a cafe is because me and my boyfriend maybe in two years time are planning on opening our own, cafe/vintage shop :) so i am currently loving the interiors of shops what a looser ha! If you can see in the second picture they had a large Egon schiele print, wonderful and beautiful pictures, if no one has ever heard of this artist his work is slightly distrubing but very pretty.

These are some of the work i have selected, from Schiele vast drawings and paintings, these are just wonderful the pale backgrounds and wonderful colours.
I am also at the moment in love with Gustav klimt, schiele was actually a protege to Gustav Klimt, there work is very beautiful. Gold is pretty much what features in all his work :)


18 June 2010

Impressive hey!

So this blog is slowly evolving as some of my trusty followers will know i have changed the layout of the blog now that I have a wee bit more time on my hands now that my degree is over. I think it feels far more fresh, clean and readable compared to the last layout. June has not been my best month for bloggin so far, what with degree shows, yard sales, packing and friends visiting i havent found the time to blog.

But the packing is underway, as we speak i have taken a little break to write this post, and I am a little bit sad i have to admit my lovely attic room is looking bare, no photos but lots of blue tack left behind sad sad times, my dad has had to hire a mini bus to bring my stuff back in he is currently en-route with the entire family which consists of alot of pepz to help load-unload my stuff. Can i just thank the person that invented vacum seal clothes and fabric bags, it has reduced my entier wardrobe, to five bags impressive hey!

Also i have a mate visiting me from wales, fun times i have been so busy all we have managed to bake cakes and bake ourselves in the sun on the beach, i have though had endless amounts of houmous and olives plus endless amounts of sugar and icing i am so glad this summer i am not on a bikini diet!

I recieved a lovely email from Ellie of pretty much penniless for a commisson, to do the title of her blog with some lovely flowers. So this has given me something to be getting on with, i have also planned that i will enter next years royal academy summer show, and also submit watercolour work to the RWS i dont think i will get in but it will defo give me something to aim for fo sho.
Ihave set myself soooo many things to do after this degree is done, work at Alexander Mcqueen, then travel to scotland then get some cash, the travel to france then italy then save for a shop with punctuations of painting and making things to sell but i think i want to get back into my watercolour creating because i bloody love it!

14 June 2010

I am a part of all that I have seen

+01 I have recently become so inspired by art that i am actually doing more then when i was on my fine art degree which i finished last week, i think its knowing that i have that freedom with no restrictions that has made me so inspired. I have also been obsessively watching my friends DVD of desperate romantics, which is a drama based on the lives of 3 of the pre-raphilites, William Holman hunt, john Everett Millias and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. I know its all pretty made up some based on fact but it has spurred and fueled my love for art again, and the reason why i wanted to be an artist in the first place...to make art work. so the images below are my inspirations, a few images of artists that i admire, and gain inspiration from.

''History has remembered the kings and warriors, because they destroyed; art has remembered the people, because they created''. 
–William Morris

 Graduate fashion week

+02 I have just finished my degree in fine art, and i thought i would have a look at the new fashion graduates and discover some of the wonderful stuff that has been created.
I love the pieces created Naomi New (Northumbria, the beautiful silhouettes, very structured pieces with a soft mix of feathers and Jewelles


I have recently become really inspired by heavily jewelled paintings and pre-raphilite works, this new graduate designer has some really pretty pieces with heavily patterned dresses and slips Gemma Williamson, (Northumbria) mixed space-age styling with ‘stained glass’ inspired prints for a wonderfully ‘off-the-wall’ mix. These are probably my favourite pieces that i have seen so far.

Some really beautiful stuff has come out of whiltshire college Salisbury, Sophie Lowe collection wowed at the show, she mixed hand knitted raffia and eroded textures in pale straw, silvery-blues and grey, i really love the the middle image with the natural bauble like sleeves its a really great mix, hand crafted couture :)


The collection that really caught my eye was by Danielle Ferguson, (Salford) its sooo playful her collection was based on the story-line of sarah-louise platt from 'corrie' and her teenage pregnancy i think that these piece are fantastic with the playful shapes, textures and fabrics.


+03 To add to the thrill that is today, i am creating a new title/banner for my blog, i want something that reflects my artistic side so i am working on watercolour piece at the mo its going ok but we will have to see, also now that i have more time on my hands because the degree is done i really want to make this blog prettier :) and filled with far more inspirational stuff. And my friend is coming down from wales tomorrow for a few days so fun to be had!

A lovely photobooth image a little grainy.


13 June 2010

So the fun begins...

+01 i have been away for the longest time ever, i think its the longest i have been away from the blogging world since i started. So i guess i should tell people what i have been upto. Well i have now finished my degree :) nearly a week ago now and i have just been doing what ever it is i want to do which is mainly shopping, painting and sunbathing.
I had a tonne of prep work to dow hich resulted in 28 sketchbooks/folders 3 portfolios so i have had soo much to do and the i had to create the degree show which was a long long week of painting and prep work but all is well now.

I bought my graduation dress aswell a vintage 1970's wrap over dress its the best dress i haev ever seen i bought it from two little birds with a wonderous 10% discount for being friends. I had the very stressful choice of two dresses to choose from an i had my boyfriend intoe which was perfect because he is always up front with what he thinks so we both picked the the elegant dress instead of as he put it the dress that looks like i am taking a child to a party dress. but i was naughty and went back yesterday and bought the 2nd dress.

For finishing my degree my dad put some money in my account so i could buy some new watercolour paints you would not believe how excited i was. So i popped down to trago the very same day and bought myself a new set :)

+02 So yesterday i decided to make red velvet cupcakes, but when i got to the shops they didnt have red food colouring so i made it with raspberries, and i have to admit they were rather tasty :) i love baking sooo much it is the only thing im actually good when it comes to being in the kitchen. Here are some pictures. I dont actually have any pictures of the final cakes because they got eaten sooo quickly, but imagine what they look like.  They were really rich chocolate but the colour wasnt soooo red but they were delicious. Here is the recipe.


  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1 1/2 cups white sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup buttermilk
  • 1 fluid ounce red food coloring
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon distilled white vinegar
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt

  • 125g cream cheese
  • 300g icing sugar
  • 60g unsalted soft butter (room tempreture)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease two 12 cup muffin pans or line with 20 paper baking cups.
  2. In a large bowl, beat the butter and sugar with an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Mix in the eggs, buttermilk, red food coloring and vanilla. Stir in the baking soda and vinegar. Combine the flour, cocoa powder and salt; stir into the batter just until blended. Spoon the batter into the prepared cups, dividing evenly.
  3. Bake in the preheated oven until the tops spring back when lightly pressed, 20 to 25 minutes. Cool in the pan set over a wire rack. When cool, arrange the cupcakes on a serving platter.
  4.  I made the frosting from 125g of cream cheese mixed in with 300g icing sugar and the mix in with 60g soft un-salted butter mix together until soft put in the fridge for 10 minutes and then frost the top of the cakes.  

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