19 June 2010

warm glows

So yesterday i took a break with my boyfriend and we ventured down to the vegan vegitarian cafe in falmouth called Pea Souk, it is probably the smallest cafe that you will ever encounter but it is filled with wonderful and pretty trinkets, the food was amazing, lots of olives, feta and houmous.

The reason i'm writting about a cafe is because me and my boyfriend maybe in two years time are planning on opening our own, cafe/vintage shop :) so i am currently loving the interiors of shops what a looser ha! If you can see in the second picture they had a large Egon schiele print, wonderful and beautiful pictures, if no one has ever heard of this artist his work is slightly distrubing but very pretty.

These are some of the work i have selected, from Schiele vast drawings and paintings, these are just wonderful the pale backgrounds and wonderful colours.
I am also at the moment in love with Gustav klimt, schiele was actually a protege to Gustav Klimt, there work is very beautiful. Gold is pretty much what features in all his work :)



  1. I love Klimt. I remember studying him during my Art A'Levels. Would love to hear more about your plan to open a vintage store! Do you currently have an Etsy store or anything like that?

    Corinne x

  2. i have a folksy store i do have an etsy one but it didnt do aswell i will post more about my plans thank you for commenting :)


  3. I adore both Schiele and Klimt! Can't wait to visit your shop one day!

  4. his paintings look wonderful! xx


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