31 July 2010

video love....

Recently I have been blogging more about my illustrations really more then anything else and i wanted to thank you for the lovely comments i have been recieveing about them. I have recently been asked to create two illustrations for the the Thread paper journal, the illustrations that i was commissoned to are  based around the Actress Grace Kelly and it has been a great little project so I am working really hard with that, so i look forward to showing you the results of that. I have created another Video for everyone to watch showing me painting a lovely red dress, I painted it with Daler & Rowney watercolours, i do use Gouache sometimes but my main material is watercolours because i find them sooo versatile and really easy to use so i really like experimenting with them. It would be really if poeple could let me know what they think. I am sorry about the music thats in the background i filmed it in my front room lastnight while my entier family were watching a film and talking so i decided to cover it with a song.


watercolour landscapes..

Hey everyone, after watching to Episodes of midsummer Murders and Victorian farm inspired me to go out and do some drawings of the beautiful English Countryside. I have a really really weird morbid fascinations of drawing graveyards and churches, the church that is the Second image i drew in a place called the Lee its is a place where the founders of Liberty's of London lived and they are buried, i find local history and these sort of historical reference really fascinating. We drove around buckinghamshire all day, being followed by a rather weird lady in a black Citroen. I love the fascinating little stories that are folklore and old wives tales, i think places like Quainton (last image) and Winslow (First Image) are the sort of places that inspired me as a child to want to be an artist and an illustrator i think Old English and Peter Pan, miss Marple all the wonderful quintasessentail things that are English to me. 

Alot of people say they like to spend their spare time shopping i love to spend my spare time drawing places and recording them, i am really inspired by places and the history behind them Uber geeky! if you ask me

28 July 2010

What i wore today


Fully stocked!

I have re-stocked my Etsy and Folksy site with Original and Prints, at very reasonable prices. I have mono-prints and large watercolour paintings for sale. I am really excited about all the new pieces and also I have put up the necklaces that I am doing in my give away. Please pop over and have a look or even better buy some wonderful stuff. I have been job hunting sooo hard that i could cry i have applied for like 150 jobs varying from teacher to market stall holder and i actually want to give up, does anyone know of any really good places to work?

On a little happier note i recieved an email from The thread paper journal asking me if i wanted to submitt some work for their journal this is really exciting stuff so iam working hard on ideas And also on new illustration ideas but i have been speaking to my dad about re-training in another field other then art maybe something like archiology or conservation, its just so hard estblishing myself as a good illustrator....

Me and my mum have been thinking about creating a vintage shop? She discovered a really lovely Egyptian leather handbag with Queen Nefferiti on the front she got it for £1.50 my mum is literally the best bargin hunter ever!

26 July 2010

Illustration video....

So i have been thinking recently about my work and this blog and how can i fuse it together to create something that is a bit more giving, a few people have asked me how i paint and what i paint in, so here you go, its a little bit small and i need to load it onto youtube maybe? maybe not but here you go, its a painting that i am currently working on slightly Bettie Page esque, i wanted to show how i paint. I really hope you guy like it.

I wanted to thank people for joining my Giveaway and i would like to say a massive HELLO! to my wonderful new followers, i have been getting quite a few tweets from lovely people saying they like my work i am trully greatful for these comments  it was only a few days ago that i wanted to give up on illustration and art all together so this is giving renew engergy in my work so thank you so much.

Also i anyone fancies any other type of video.... related to my illustration and art please feel free to request be it drawing hands, clothes or painting go for it @ ella_masters


23 July 2010


After The support from some wonderful people in the blog world lastnight made me realise that i probably shouldn't stop bloging, so i would like to thank Ellie, Matt & Jade for the really lovely words yesterday and especially Ellie for creating a blog post 'A sign of love'  and dedicating it to me proper sweet :) it did cheer me up alot before i went to bed. I promised the lovely ladies at two little bird that I would create a post on them, i have the interview waiting in my inbox so i figured that i will make a fresh start with this blog thinking of new features and what not but for now i will be doing a give-away of my Illustration Necklaces i will be giving away FOUR, yes FOUR, These wont be originals but inkjet printed on quality card and laminated. These are created all by hand, so i suggest not going in the shower when wearing it, its delicate and show be worn as a costume piece of jewellery.

Imagine wearing a wonderful summer dress and this beautiful piece of art, that only a few people will be wearing...


- Friday 6th August that gives you two weeks from today Friday 23rd to enter
- You must be a follower of my blog
- There will be 4 Individual winners!
- Leave a comment on this post with your name and i would like to win
- Open to everyone + international
- You will be sent either of the portraits above it will be between the two styles.
- Please Leave you Email or Blog contact so i can email you if you win.
-Four individaul winners will be selected by random.org

You will also be able to enter just follow me on twitter ..
-Tweet @ella_masters is having an illustration give away

If you want to buy these necklace straight away i am selling them on Etsy & Folksy site, head over and send me a message and you will be able to buy one.

Good luck
Please comment or message me if you have any problems..

22 July 2010

Chained down

Man today has been an absolute load of *_______* please insert appropriate word, days like today really push me over the edge making me feel like their is really no point in doing anything at all and then to add i miss my boyfriend that live 120 miles away. Sometimes its totally impossible to stay positive so i have really only been productive in the last half hour. The illustrations i did yesterday in 'What to wear' i thought i would create necklaces and brooches to sell on my Folksy and etsy site.

But im Feeling its all really a little bit pointless at the moment. It would be great if you guys could let me know if you like these.....this may be my last post ever....



21 July 2010

'what to wear'

I am not really a person that wears sunglasses i always wear to large or too small making me either look like a child or a fly and neither is a good look and seeing as it is summer i thought i would combine my illustration and fashion and i created a 'what to wear' sunglasses i apologies for the slack writing but i thought experimenting is the way forward, it would be great to know what you guys thought of my creations.

dots and doodles

Once again this is a drawing that i had stuck in my sketchbook for the past months, and i decided that lastnight was the right time to colour her in, im not to sure on the face but hey nevermind i havent photoshop this one either you can see the colour of the watercolour paper eek i really need to get photoshopping where is my boyfriend when i need him hey! This girl has the perfect bikini body damn her! why do i always draw skinny pretty girls huh!? i never ever draw boys why is this? i think i might tackle drawing a boy today i might darw my boyfreind ha

On another note im in the house on my own and it is rather creepy eeekk!!  doors are moving and the sound of footsteps creepy stuff, my little brother decided to draw me today what do you reckon...ignore the double chins hahah

My little brothers nickname is norman no eyes haha look at his drawing he has no eyes classic!

I also wondered if anyone knew of any good illustration agencies? and how to contact them?

wonderful beehives....

So i was up really late lastnight unable to sleep, and i decided why not use this time to paint mum was snoring on the sofa and dad was doing family history on the other sofa, so i settled down with my watercolour paints and my sketchbook and i had drawn this picture about 3months ago but i had never painted it, so now i have, and im really pleased with this image. I dont really do alot of editing on photoshop just because it takes me for ever to remember what the hell i am doing so this is just a scanned in image, imsure it would look far more professional photoshop a wee bit but i have time to learn i guess. 
So what does everyone think of this illustration? I will be doing prints of her if anyone fancys buying one? I have just printed one, so if you fancy owning a little piece of my work just give me a shout i think they are going for £10 but i am trying to get some Giclee prints done...but its just trying to find the perfect printers for the perfect price so until then i am going to keep illustrating i have a really exciting project coming up...its to do with food mmmm....
wooo a new improved version of my illustration I photoshopped it and now its all white good times

do you remember your first painting?

i remember the first time i wanted to do art for ever, i was sat in my brothers room and i had a million diffrent types of sequins and pom poms and i knew from that moment that i wanted to create things forever i think i was about 6, but i do remember painting a picture of a lady bird when i was about five and i was really proud, i think thats my earliest memory of painting. But i was a really messy child so i wasnt really allowed to paint or even use crayons i would always melt them on the radiator ha!

Ask me anything


20 July 2010

I miss him alot!

So the boyfriend went to morroco with strict instructions to take some lovely photos of buildings, boats and other lovely stuff, i got this wonderful postcard arrived today, after 6days of him staying at mine it arrived today quite some time after he had been here and told me all about the trip but it is still something lovely to have, the painting at the bottom, of a the window is by me its from a photo joe took in morroco.... im still learning i did thin layers instead of slapping it onto the canvases and bonus i found to antique oil paint boxes filled to the brim with oil paint so i didnt have to go out and buy any result the antique oil paints came from my great Uncle a famous railway poster artist...they had been hidden in my shed/room for sometime good stuf!

boats and shorts

So recently i was asked by Ellie of pretty much Penniless to create some lovely illustrations for her lovely blogsite, I decided to start the title first using watercolours my favourite meduim. Here is what i have created so far....
So this is the first draft of the comission, that i have done with the blue writing. Ellie wanted flowers around the writing there is alot more to do the drawing but i am very happy with it so far lets hope Ellie is :) x

I have also been working on my watercolour sketchbook, me mum, dad and joe ventured to essex so i could do some drawing in the sunshine. I decided that i wanted to lovely boats and tiptree ketchup with no one stopping except for the evil woman with the dogs that attacked me and i got abuse for it, i hope the lady with the orange top and the loud mouth beilieves in Karma because i do.

I have missed the freedom of drawing and painting what i want to its great, i have also been venturing into alot more fashion illustration this is as far as i have got atm... i saw a lady in paddington station wearing these shorts yesterday she had a really littlw waist and she was wearing this lovely leather belt. Let me know what you think of my paintings its always great to get feedback.


Thank you...

Hey everyone i have been away for i think about a week now, too long in the blogging world hey! To start off with i was given this award by the lovely Stacey of Oh i love you pretty baby thank you its the first award ever! :) fabulous even if it is something little it means alot to me....

So, I here are the rules...

1. Name who gave it to you
2. State 10 things you like
3. Give this award to another 10 bloggers and tell them about

10 things i like (in no particular order)

1. Antique books
2. Tattos
3. postcards
4. Tea cups
5. Travelling
6. Patterned jumpers
7. Drawing
8. Magnolia trees
9. My boyfriend
10. Bears

And the 10 people i tag are;

Check out their fab blogs if you get the chance :)

11 July 2010

Things to do over the summer *1

(dont look at me)

I've had some really lazy days recently really with nothing much to report,  but i have really been focusing all my time into finding jobs how very boring, all i want to do is paint.

So that exactly what i did today i bought a new canvase and my Oil paint,  it is the first time i have done an oil painting in 10years, i just spontaniously created it, its sucha great feeling creating a piece of work for the fun of it, i decided to paint the The Royal Academy. I didnt have a large variety of paints because they got stolen at university and i never replaced them so all i basically had was white, flesh tint, yellow, red, dark brown and Burnt Umber so i thought i might purchase some wonderful colour like Aquamarine, turquoise and some nice maroon colours. I am just geeking up on how to use glazes, there was this girl at uni that thought she was the best because she painted really well in Oil so i have decided to learn so i can show off haha.

This isnt the final product this is just the last picture i took to show the progress of the painting i didnt do any under coats i painted directly onto the canvase.
I think Oil painting is the only art technique that i have never really used so when i started creating this painting i felt like a child slapping onto the canvase and not caring what it looked like..greatest fun ever. I have decided for my summer that i will take the summer to learn this wonderful new skill....has anyone else got things they wish to learn or the summer?

What do you guys reckon to my oil painting skills? Any hints or tips about oil painting?

9 July 2010

Oh nevermind...

Today i headed to oxford street for my interview for creative assistant i just got an email saying that i didnt get the job but i guess thats ok i went in and i tried my best that is all that matters and my application for the internship at Lazy Oaf has been considered for a job so i guess once more a door closes and another one opens hopefully..I need more commissons people so please ask me to paint you something :)

I have decided that maybe it would be better to get a part-time job so i can focus my time on my carear as an illustrator/artist i have save enough money to get equipment i have ben emailing Julia Pott and she has been fantastic with answering questions i have had on printing i am going to invest in some great paper to creat great prints soo please people spread the word of my work i really want to be creating fantastic pieces for people i have applied for some Freelance jobs one about nursery rhymms how exciting!

OOh i was today sooo tempted by an amazing ring i found in Topshop today it was a large gold antique style metal ring i was so tempted to buy it but i have a thing about rings that make my finger green i wear things to death you see! I can't manage to find an image of the ring i found today but this is alovely ring i discovered on Pamela Loves i love bears i really do.

8 July 2010

just a quick blog post to say i am nervous about tomorrows Topshop interview and i have 200 followers thanks guys i'll report back tomorrow!

6 July 2010

Paintings and cake galore!

 So i have been thinking recently about what new features i could included on Ella Masters and i thought that i could do about my travels and because i live in london i could about places that i have been, recommending places so here is the first one enjoy.

Today i took mum up to the RA summer show, one of my favourite art shows of the year, its a mix of ameture painters mixed in with more famous artists like Tracey Emin. It is such a massive traditional exhibiton i went along to swot up on what selling and for inspiration. 
It was the furthest mum had been on here feet for like 15weeks since she broke her leg so it was quite an epic trip...she did really well we took it really easy and we really enjoyed ourselves, I really recommend going to the summer show because it has such an amazing diverse spectrum of art that there is something for everyone and also some of the prints and paintings are reasonable and there are some pieces that are £90,000 ridiclous but still amazing. I love the history that comes with the show, the walls are covered top to bottom with paintings so pieces at the top of the wall are quite hard to see but that is the tradition of artists that work that wasnt as good would be hung above the Line, it is like the "Salone de reguees" from the 18-19th century. 

I am really hoping to enter some work into the competition next year and i hope to work towards now while i have the time to do it, it has given me great confidence looking at all the other work in the show i am hoping to take up painting again i miss painting i actually use to be pretty good at oils and acrylics i have been using them since i was about 10 i inherited these two amazing antique 19th century oil set so i have been using them but i may invest in a new set.

Mine and my mums favourite piece was by Grayson Perry the potter and turner prize winner his work is delicious and amazing it was a little macabre, but the gold, glaze and drawing were really inspirational i really want to learn to sculpt so maybe i could do a wee bit of craft? if anyone is in london i really recommed going to see it, it is £6.00 for students and £8.00 for normal. really worth it.

Grayson perry with his wonderful pots

Just across the road throm the Royal Academy, there is a wonderful department store called fortnum and masons, its an amazinf place to buy food, drink and stationary, this is where we decided to buy some cakes mmmm... just look at the giant sized Macroons mum treat me to one i had the rose flavoured macroon, they had coconut, vanilla, pastachio sooo many to choose from its a magnificance experince.
look how expensive this 400g of Foie Gras is £120

The giant macroon was amazing and i am in search of the best recipe...let the search begin...
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