20 July 2010

I miss him alot!

So the boyfriend went to morroco with strict instructions to take some lovely photos of buildings, boats and other lovely stuff, i got this wonderful postcard arrived today, after 6days of him staying at mine it arrived today quite some time after he had been here and told me all about the trip but it is still something lovely to have, the painting at the bottom, of a the window is by me its from a photo joe took in morroco.... im still learning i did thin layers instead of slapping it onto the canvases and bonus i found to antique oil paint boxes filled to the brim with oil paint so i didnt have to go out and buy any result the antique oil paints came from my great Uncle a famous railway poster artist...they had been hidden in my shed/room for sometime good stuf!


  1. love the painting, bit of a treat finding the old paints. they're quite expensive aren't they. i'm going to do a painting on thurs/fri.

    just realised i wasn't following your new url, i've fixed that now. thanks for the cheeky award, will post the answers on my next post

  2. i love your painting of the window!! morocco is the most beautiful place i've ever visited!! xx


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