31 July 2010

video love....

Recently I have been blogging more about my illustrations really more then anything else and i wanted to thank you for the lovely comments i have been recieveing about them. I have recently been asked to create two illustrations for the the Thread paper journal, the illustrations that i was commissoned to are  based around the Actress Grace Kelly and it has been a great little project so I am working really hard with that, so i look forward to showing you the results of that. I have created another Video for everyone to watch showing me painting a lovely red dress, I painted it with Daler & Rowney watercolours, i do use Gouache sometimes but my main material is watercolours because i find them sooo versatile and really easy to use so i really like experimenting with them. It would be really if poeple could let me know what they think. I am sorry about the music thats in the background i filmed it in my front room lastnight while my entier family were watching a film and talking so i decided to cover it with a song.



  1. I can't wait to see this! I love Grace Kelly so much.

  2. Your illustrations are so cute, I love them! xxx


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