31 July 2010

watercolour landscapes..

Hey everyone, after watching to Episodes of midsummer Murders and Victorian farm inspired me to go out and do some drawings of the beautiful English Countryside. I have a really really weird morbid fascinations of drawing graveyards and churches, the church that is the Second image i drew in a place called the Lee its is a place where the founders of Liberty's of London lived and they are buried, i find local history and these sort of historical reference really fascinating. We drove around buckinghamshire all day, being followed by a rather weird lady in a black Citroen. I love the fascinating little stories that are folklore and old wives tales, i think places like Quainton (last image) and Winslow (First Image) are the sort of places that inspired me as a child to want to be an artist and an illustrator i think Old English and Peter Pan, miss Marple all the wonderful quintasessentail things that are English to me. 

Alot of people say they like to spend their spare time shopping i love to spend my spare time drawing places and recording them, i am really inspired by places and the history behind them Uber geeky! if you ask me

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