21 July 2010

wonderful beehives....

So i was up really late lastnight unable to sleep, and i decided why not use this time to paint mum was snoring on the sofa and dad was doing family history on the other sofa, so i settled down with my watercolour paints and my sketchbook and i had drawn this picture about 3months ago but i had never painted it, so now i have, and im really pleased with this image. I dont really do alot of editing on photoshop just because it takes me for ever to remember what the hell i am doing so this is just a scanned in image, imsure it would look far more professional photoshop a wee bit but i have time to learn i guess. 
So what does everyone think of this illustration? I will be doing prints of her if anyone fancys buying one? I have just printed one, so if you fancy owning a little piece of my work just give me a shout i think they are going for £10 but i am trying to get some Giclee prints done...but its just trying to find the perfect printers for the perfect price so until then i am going to keep illustrating i have a really exciting project coming up...its to do with food mmmm....
wooo a new improved version of my illustration I photoshopped it and now its all white good times


  1. So cool
    Please have a look at my blog at http://seraluxe.blogspot.com with fashion updates & photoshoots !

  2. I'm liking this lady too!

    One thing I'm going to do when I get back from my hols is a spot of decorating which means new artness for my walls!



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