25 August 2010

happy birthday to me!

20 August 2010

seeds and things..

I have been really busy organising myself and lots of my products with great hekp from my boyfriend and his great photoshop(ing) skills, mine doesnt seem to be working at the moment. I am creating a few practical products inspired by my parent and their alottoment. This is just a trial of some the vintage seed packets that i am illustrating at the moment. Thats all i really have for the moment , oh and i have been painting my studio so i will ahve more space to be productive from now on.

15 August 2010

its like its 1967....

So today me and the family to a little trip to Portsmouth, to the V Dub car fest, it was amazing. I am not really a massive fan of cars but the is just something that i love about campers and Beetles. My boyfriend loves them so i decided to take as-many pictures as possible (and make him jealous) and come back next year to do a stall selling watercolour drawings.

The camper van above was a mini fitness gym, it was really cool and folded out i have this really cool plan to have a little shop inside one when i save enough money. It would be all pimped out...some of these vans were selling for £24,000 alot a little out of my price range but i did see a beetle that i really wanted for £1,700, i can dream on! Does anyone else have a love for vintage cars? i know alot of people like vintage clothes but imagine having the coolest vintage accessory a VW camper to chill out in, i really want to have a touring vintage shop called 'BrownBear Vintage Emporuim'
These are just a few of the pictures i took, i hope you like then not really a very girly subject but still great inspiration.

(Images by Ella Masters)

I painted these pictures sat in the sun staring at the wonderful campers, not as realistic as i would like but it sums up the day in the sun.


14 August 2010

The image above is beautiful a mixture of my two favourite things. And a taster as to what this post has in store

So after my response on twitter and the comments i received on my post i was pleasantly surprised by what people were saying, agreeing that it is a great thing to sew and make your own clothes. So i decided that on my wee trip to the  charity shop with mum, that i would try and either make a new dress or re-vamp another dress. So I was once again pleasantly surprised when i came across a right Gem i have been reading alot about Peter Pan collars. I remember having these on plenty of the dresses i wore as a child but, i looked at some of the prices of dresses and decided it was best that i tried to thrift my own.

So basically form these photographs you can see that i created a simple scooped neckline out of the straight neckline that this blue velvet dress had and then i created the collars from scrap material that i had lying about the house, you can simply create your own collars like i did, from a simple template but if you want to follow a template you Can find templates at your local haberdasheries. This was all hand stitched because my sewing machine was in the attic and i didn't fancy going up there and getting it down on my own.

I would have put a full picture of myself but i wasn't feeling up to it due to feeling like crap but i think you can kinda get the gist of the dress. The blue velvet dress originally cost me £3.00 from my local hospice charity shop. I havent worn velvet since i was really little, it isnt the most flattering of fabrics i must say but this dress has a drop waist line so it elongates my figure. And my mum said it looked good on me, i took her word for it! ha

12 August 2010

re-made and re-vamped

I dont often take photos of myself i promise you haha i wanted to show off, my new dress, it has a feew flour marks on it due to a massive cooking spree, i made Calzone, chicken and potatoe thing and surprise cake, the surprise was that it had courgette and lavender in it, went down a storm witht the family.
Its a new project i have on the go atm, my recipe book, its basically all about cooking the old fashion way, making use of everything, a little bit like the dress i am wearing in the above phorographs i have had the black dress about 3years and it had an awful black bow on the front i shopped that off and hand sewed some vintage lace i have had since i was about 10, i have meters and meters of it, and only ever find uses for it every decade ha! I love the fact that i can actually sew, my granma taught me when i was really little how to sew and knit i think its really fantastic, I watched a show on channel four about amish teenagers and they sew all their clothes by hand, im not saying anything about their religion by the way i just think it trully fantastic when someone can create a totally new outfit without having to go to primark or topshop. I just think its a really great life skill to have imagine being able to pass it on to your children and your granchildren awww...theres me getting all old ha! I wondered how many of you had singed upto the no buying any new clothes thing or wardrobe re-fashion?  I do think its a really fantastic idea and the only new clothes i have bought in the last 6 weeks is a blouse and a pencil skirt for my job interview at harrods haha. I actually feel really free, that i dont 'follow' trends, and i think my art and illustration is also going more that way aswell, drawing vintage women in clotes inspired by my granma and the 40's.

Im in love with the colour purple and lace at the moment its really inspiring me with my illustration and necklaces that i have been creating. Vintage inspired aswell
After me and mum visited covent garden antique stalls i decided that i would create some bespoke fastion pieces they will be avaliable on my etsy tomorrow. The top and the bottom ar from finds i found at covent garden the top is a neck is made from tiny little patterned blue beads i believe the beads are from the 1920's and the bottom necklace is quarts and a cut shell with gold edging! The tea cup is from my winter collection of Ellabear and joseph.

Yesterday i talked about writing my Recipe book, i recently made some french macaroons which i was really proud of but silly me never photographed them so this is a we illustration i have done for my book, forgive the typography a wee bit lame im still working on it lemme know what you think. I really love the fact that i am not entierly sure if i like the taste of macaroons i had a birthday cake once bought for me from harrods that was covered entierly in green macarrons that my mum and dad bought and since then i have been in love with them expect more illustrations.


11 August 2010

cakes and illustrations

So i dont often blog about fashion, becuase i do find there is alot out there and im not to sure how to approach the subject im a bit of a geek, who does often get told that i am fashionable but i dont really consider myslef to be, but the other day i did come across a fashion designer that caught my eye, her name is Erin Featherstin i cant really remember how i came across her but her clothes are so wonderfully elegant. They are beautifully constructed i love looking at fashion creations. These are from her fall/winter 2010 collection I really love the coral colour dress with the tiny net detail.

 And i also discoverd that she fashioned up LU biscuits her illustrations are absolutely adorable, aswell as you know my wonderful followers that i love fashion illustration and just seeing what other illustrators and fashion designers and doing is such an inspiration. I dont find myself overally fashionable but i can live my dreams of being fashionable through my illustrations.

 The other day i got asked to do a commisson that i am really excited about and i cant say really anything about it but i am really excited it has renew my energy and made me think maybe i could spend the rest of my days creating drawings and beautiful things for people and companies.

So i have been working also on a new recipe book, written and illustrated by me, its still in it early stages but i thought i would let my wonderful followers know first. This Book is my inspiration as well as good old Jamie oliver, the recipe book will be about vintage recipes, its great even thoug i live in london my parents have 4 allotments and we never ever have ready meals so i am learning from my mum, you will find within my cookbook, macarrons, cakes and tea.


beautiful blue

Hello hello i am back i have been really rather busy and i have seen that i have lost two followers, which is nice. Nevermind I have been doing alot of creating and thrifting recently. I have an interview at harrods to be a jewellery, and then another interview for advertising, after the interview me and my mum bumped into matt smith (Doctor who) he bumped into my mums broken leg and he was sooo apologetic bless him. But then me and mum ventured to covent garden beacuse we thought it might be less hectict then knightsbridge and it wasnt haha,I bought some really lovely pieces that i am going to add things to and make wonderful antique/vintage style necklaces for my etsy site.

I am totally in love with this little blue women who i bought for 50p from a small stall in covent garden im not entierly sure what she is...but i love it.

I have also been doing the really exciting things like cleaning my bedroom and making it pretty, im not really a tidy person and i tend to live in art mess and tonnes of clothes but i have decided to make my things look pretty and adorn my walls with my art work.

Ellie from pretty much penniless did a wee blog post about me and the necklace i sent her as a thank you, she talked about owning a piece of artwork an i have never really thought about people owning art work even though i am an artist and an illustrator I have never thought about not having art around me. I did wonder if any of you have ever or never bought any artwork?

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