15 August 2010

its like its 1967....

So today me and the family to a little trip to Portsmouth, to the V Dub car fest, it was amazing. I am not really a massive fan of cars but the is just something that i love about campers and Beetles. My boyfriend loves them so i decided to take as-many pictures as possible (and make him jealous) and come back next year to do a stall selling watercolour drawings.

The camper van above was a mini fitness gym, it was really cool and folded out i have this really cool plan to have a little shop inside one when i save enough money. It would be all pimped out...some of these vans were selling for £24,000 alot a little out of my price range but i did see a beetle that i really wanted for £1,700, i can dream on! Does anyone else have a love for vintage cars? i know alot of people like vintage clothes but imagine having the coolest vintage accessory a VW camper to chill out in, i really want to have a touring vintage shop called 'BrownBear Vintage Emporuim'
These are just a few of the pictures i took, i hope you like then not really a very girly subject but still great inspiration.

(Images by Ella Masters)

I painted these pictures sat in the sun staring at the wonderful campers, not as realistic as i would like but it sums up the day in the sun.



  1. your photographs and paintings are lovely! i ADORE vw campervans. as well as my 'dream' shop and tea room, i'd also love to have a vintage pastel pink vw campervan so i can sell at car boot sales and travel all over the uk. well, we can dream can't we? hehe. i do hope you are okay! x

  2. I would like to have a winnebago or camper van to travel around the country in, that would be great. i do like vintage cars a lot, but I am more into 1950s/early 60s cars. My ultimate car would be a Nissan Figaro, which is from the '90s but looks like a '50s car. I love them!

  3. You make me want to watercolour!

  4. I love the look of vintage cars and these vans are so cool :) there's always one parked in my street. Massive vehicle jealousy!

  5. I've tried watercolours before, but I am such an opaque painter (I started with acrylics in my studio courses) that I just foundered when I tried. I was just sort of discouraged. I might try again sometime. I loved watching that video of watercolour painting you posted and I was impressed by how comfortable you were with moving the pigment and the brush. Will you post more? Honestly, I found it inspiring.

  6. Videos would be awesome! Would they be like tutorials? I think general knowledge would be a good place. I don't know the skill levels of your other readers, but I just suck at it all around. Oh, such a novice.

  7. I loveee vintage cars, for years now i've wanted a Morris Minor! I am also rather fond of the Isetta bubble car and the old Fiat 500's which if you give it a google, Merci in Paris have covered in Liberty print, fantastico or what! xox

  8. I remember wanting one of these so badly when I was a kid. I don't know why I ever stopped? These photos bring back all of my VW bus love.

  9. hehe im obsessed by vdubs. Been to a few shows as well. I'm a total boy when it comes to cars, you should check out my new pics I've put up of my car...tryin to swap it for something meaner! Had a couple of beetles as well they are really fun to drive :D

  10. love these paintings! ps, i'm thinking of setting up an esty, how's yours?


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