5 August 2010

Rolls of Film for SALE!

So Once again i am selling Camera Film, really good quality 24 film. I have the makes (6)Kodak, (12)Colorama, (5)Konica Centuria Super, (13)AGFA. I am wanting to sell each Film roll for £2, you can pay via paypal Please. If you want to buy some  please leave a comment in the comment box p&p will be a few quid aswell.



  1. have you still got it all left? because i'm interested in buying some but i can't remember the make i need, aha xx

  2. hello hello yeah i still have lots of film left, i hope you are well.
    just pop a lil comment in the comment box if you are still interested, i will do a really good deal if you want all of it?


  3. ooh good, i just need to check with my dad that you have the right one and yes i'm definitely still interested(: that would be good, thank you! i will leave you another comment tomorrow xx

  4. hello! how much would it be for all of the film?(: if you could email me that would be lovely: julia23henderson@hotmail.com
    thanks! xx


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