29 September 2010

London fashion week illustration and christmas cards

So these are the illustrations i created for Amelia's Magazine, please head over to the article and have a look at all the designers and other illustrators work, Amelia's Magazine i was really excited to do two illustrations  from the designers at london fashion week. The designers are laura Theiss and Cecilie Bahnsen, the opportunity has been fantastic i don't often have to churn out two complete illustrations in a few days. But it was a really exciting opportunity. 
I really enjoyed using the detail of the watercolours, the top image took alot of work but it was really exciting to do it within a few days,  But it really did boost my excitement for doing more.
This was a really great opportunity that popped up at the right time after a bad situation, so its given me a re-newed energy in myself as an illustrator.
Today i have spent alot of time in my studio, working hard on my on my Paper heart children's book, i having been really geeky, swotting up on illustration agencies and publishing information. Its alot of reading and alot of organization.

So i have also been watching far to many films in my studio today, i watched, yes man because of zooey deschannel, sinbad the sailor I'm not really sure why i watched that, but my favorite has to be Elf, this is really inspired me to create some really cool illustration cards for christmas, so i decided i would show the range of christmas cards up for sale, i am also working on more. These will be available at 


28 September 2010

fox fur and glasses

I have been working really hard on my prep sketches for my new paper heart book, really excited this image above is from the book, i know its a fox wrapped around her neck but it will all become clear in the book.
This image is loosely based on my Granma, who actually has a real fur animal scarf thing she has had it years and it freaks me out when ever i see it eww! but i'm really proud of this picture working hard on a few more. I hope you like it.

26 September 2010

jumpers and tea a perfect mix

Today all i want is an oversized jumper preferably with lots of patterns on and a massive mug of tea, i bought a new Cath kidson mug today when i went out shopping with mum, £4 bargin i love the small things in life!
 These little chubby women are two of my favorite drawings i have done and they are now available to buy in print form and as cards on my Ella Masters Illustration Shop, i haven't put the cards up yet but i am in the process of putting them up, making more illustrated writing paper and notebooks. It would great to see what you guys think of my new work?
 I love the autumn, and the colours this is the view from my window i love the colour this tree goes in the autumn (not the palm tree), kinda reminds me that i need to sort my hair its a strange mix of reddy-brown, I'm all ill with a chest infection and flu at the moment not good so no make-up and more drawing time for me.

Reminiscent sunday week 1

I didn't realize how much i like autumn until today, i think i like it more then summer, i have happier memories of Autumn then i do the summer maybe thats the reason why i like it better, anyway it was nice to wake up to wonderful red leaves on the trees today down my road, its the latest i have stayed in london for 3 years the weather is so different up here compared to cornwall where i have been did my degree for 3 years. I can just about cope with the cold but my GOD my studio was so cold yesterday while i was doing the Amelia's magazine commissions i couldn't concentrate because it was so cold! any I hear you say why is she talking about weather has she lost her mind ha! i wish no its just this time of year inspires me to draw furry little animals and jumpers so today i have been working on a few ideas, my dream is to create wonderful warm children's literature and illustrated book aswell as illustrated products for children. So i wanted to share with you the sorts of things that have an still inspire me. I am in essence a bit of a geek, and i have always loved books, birds, drawing and being at home. So here goes my inspirational post these are the things that i can pin point and say this is what inspired me to draw....

I don't know if you remember Sylvanian families but i do i had a really good friend when i was little who had practically all the houses cars and figures and they were always really expensive far to expensive for my parents to afford so my friend gave me one of her figures and i was soo excited by this that i found a cardboard box and painted it white with red bricks and made a dolls house i was a no fuss child, loved playing in the mud and making things blue peter style sticky back plastic and toilet rolls!
Good old percy the park keeper, i love the illustrations and every week i would collect the animal cards and put them in my book, see i told you i was a massive geek, and considering how much i'm afraid of animals now i loved them so much as a child i actually freak out a little bit if i have to stroke a cat or if a dog comes near me i need to man up! ha
It goes without saying that one of my favorite illustrators is Beatrix potter i would be so happy if i was a modern day version of her, but i dare say i will make it to her lofty heights very twee and totally english, my boyfriend has said in the past that me and my family are the most English/British family he has ever met :)
My favorite story of beatrix potter is The tailor of Gloucester, There is something really magical and being able to illustrate and write really magical books that transfix children is such a wonderful skill to have.  Total love of this illustration..
I know people will read this post and think wow what a rather childish thing to write about, but in all of us especially creative jobs, there has to be something that inspires you and drives you too want to be Inspirtional to others

Since i posted this earlier, i have been watching sunday television, and guess what was on, The secret garden, bought back memories of childhood, the disney film hercules and believe me i was singing every word to every song, and now I'm watching big, tom hanks is one of my favorite actors I'm television/film heaven!
I think i might make this a regular occurrence reminiscent sunday i shall call it, to end with... the old tetley characters are back in the tea adverts defo reminiscent sunday

24 September 2010

Brand new shop and sale!

I Have been working rather hard on commissions and filling  my BRAND NEW folksy shop with wonderful goodies like christmas cards and new letter writing illustrated paper! Im really happy with the look of the products at the moment. Head over and buy some lovely things :). I will be doing an offer pretty soon once all my products are up on the site

Cards are £2.50 and i will be doing a introductory price of a pack of 4 for £5.00 from monday so if you want to get your hands on some wonderful christmas cards illustrated by me now is the time! I have seen quite recently the influx of illustrators and artists with their christmas cards and my drawings have been sat about for a while so I thought time to get cracking, my favorite is the winter wonderland above but other illustrators like Joanne cheung's bear card adorable Or Fritha Strickland's wonderful christmas cards designs. I love Christmas.

In other news, i have been commissions by Amelia's Magazine to create two london fashion week illustrations, i'm so excited for this opportunity, i'm really rather nervous but its going ok atm and i will surely upload images tomorrow so watch this space.

19 September 2010

Featured artist in flex newspaper

Wooo so the lovely Rhiannon asked me at falmouth flex magazine if she could write a feature on my work and recent graduate stuff and things i have been upto so here is the page on me and if anyone would like to see more head over to the flex paper


14 September 2010

i got the job.

So today I had a very boring and rather un-artfilled day, but i finished the wonderful Pretty much penniless Blog title, im really happy with it and i hope Ellie is too.

I also had some great news today that i got a job at accessories to be a part-time sales assistant, im pretty nervous about this coz i can be really shy but I'm gonna try my best with it. Imagine the discount though :), see the reason why i was so desperate to get the job was so i could save to move back to falmouth with my boyfriend and do my MA now that i will be earning i will be able to save for my MA, hopefully more commissions will roll in with time and my etsy shop i will make more money and be able to live my dreams out.

13 September 2010


12 September 2010

photoshopping skilliage!

So toady i have been coped up in my tiny studio in my back garden, doing a commission for the Billingsgate fish market i am still working hard on it just tackling with photoshop, it really is the baine of my life i just wish i could remember everything! Below is just a really scrappy unfinished version of what i hope the illustration will finally look like. I am really excited about doing this commission because it involves the great billingsgate market history and i adore history and especially working mens history i'm a proper geek i assure you.

Here is a few pieces of text i am working on all about stress and staying calm. These are all really rough sketches, working on some colour filling too....
© Ella Masters

So I have been thinking i am going to make a run of PaperHeart, all handmade by myself, all printed and hand bound :) i will be selling these through my blog. So please watch this space and if anyone fancies pre-ordering a book please leave me a comment or an emaill at ellamasters1988@hotmail.co.uk I will be selling them for £6 each.

PaperHeart work up...sketches

all work is to ella masters © and can not be reproduced with out artists permission.

Here are a few new illustrations from PaperHeart, i was working on them yesterday but there is still lots to do to them, Im rather excitied about paperheart. I hope eveyone likes them, so far they need a bit more depth if you ask me. The two are above are just colour workouts, photoshop fun!

Foxly's Feast

I would like to just take a moment and share with you a post about one of my favorite illustrators Owen Davey we went to the same university, he was the year above me and vastly more talented i would like to add, has just bought an amazing children's book out called Foxly's Feast. It is pretty awesome. The colours and the illustrations are really wonderful. I have always been a lover of Owen Davey's work, from the degree show he did, to reading his dissertation......
Just take a look at the pictures below of the wonderful book. oh Man he's living my dream.... one day i keep telling myself, hopefully so many more exciting things will be on there way to this amazingly talented illustrator and can i just add his music is also pretty awesome too seen him live twice once in the front then babahogs and it was pretty cool multi-talented jealous?! not much!! ha!

  Photo credit to Owen Davey 
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