28 September 2010

fox fur and glasses

I have been working really hard on my prep sketches for my new paper heart book, really excited this image above is from the book, i know its a fox wrapped around her neck but it will all become clear in the book.
This image is loosely based on my Granma, who actually has a real fur animal scarf thing she has had it years and it freaks me out when ever i see it eww! but i'm really proud of this picture working hard on a few more. I hope you like it.


  1. I wish I had your skill with watercolours!

  2. If that's your granma. She's cute like you. Can't waitto see the rest of the story.

  3. love love LOVE this & pretty much all your other illustrations too :) the colour on the fox is too beautiful!

  4. My great grandma used to have a fox stole and it completely freaked me out too. Fur just gives me the creeps! But you can get knitted fox scarves now which are quite cute.

  5. it's all coming on nicely, i love the idea of drawing family in your own style


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