5 September 2010

new work

Here are some new illustrations i have been working on,  for my new childrens book sorry i havent been on here much, i just figured that i have to get on with stuff :) other then browse around on blogs all day.
I am thinking of making the top one into new cards for my christmas stalls :) i have also bought a few items to illustrate and sell today and i have just created my parents 25th wedding anniversary presents, teacups that are illustrated by me. Oh and i would just like to add long distance relationships suck! i have missed my boyfriend all day why does he have to live 200 miles away..anyway i will get back into blogging this week i promise!



  1. Ella these are beautiful, please make them into cards so I can buy them for christmas! x

  2. oh, these are lovely! i can't wait to see the tea cups! xx

  3. hey my two lovely jubblies! i have missed you both thanks for the love i will get these made into cards i promise! im going to be making a pack of cards :) i will photograph the tea cups once mum and dad are back from holiday i hope you are both well all my love xxxxxxxxx

  4. Such beautiful illustrations, I would totally buy Christmas cards too. Looking forward to seeing the teacups as well, I imagine they'll be extremely lovely x

  5. These are gorgeous! You're doing a children's book? Were you commissioned?


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