7 October 2010

jamie Oliver illustrations

Anyone that knows me, will know how much i admire Jamie Oliver, and his work.
These drawings are for a self  initiated project, for Jamie at home book all about home cooking. I am really inspired by jamie i was asked who am i inspired buy in and interview with Flex Magazine and i said jamie oliver amongst others sucha as Beatrix potter and Gustav Klimt strange mix i know.

These are just a few images i have drawn up from my sketchbook, i wanted to share with you guys to see what you thought of them.

Im off on a wee little excursion to oxford tomorrow until sunday with my boyfriend hopefully it will be great, i am going to draw eat loads and take tonnes of pictures.


  1. jamie oliver is so damn cute! beautiful illustrations, ella. congratulations on your interview! xx

  2. they are very charming, you should send them to him. he's a nice fellow, i'm sure he would look at them.


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