30 November 2010

Its snowing....

This post was written yesterday i am so lame at keeping to my to do list so i apologize for this rather rubbish post...
So the last few days have be so tiring that i really haven;t been able to function and you know when your brain goes onto Auto-pilot and then suddenly your kind of left with nothing to do. I have been so busy that i haven't been able to talk to one of my Best mates because every time she called i was so busy. we have only spoken once in 5months which is crazy. 

So yesterday i managed to get me and my stock to The Bust Christmas craftacular but, oh no disaster strikes i get there and forget that i have left my camera at home, silly moo, i have the crappiest phone possibly ever made so i doesn't come with a camera and my mums was so old the photos are miniscule, but i am hoping to send them to my boyfriend who will then relay them to me. So i will have photo evidence of my presence there.

It went really well and through out the day i hand at least 2 people at my stool which made me rather happy, i made a months wages in a day which added to my delight, considering how hard i have to work at work for £6.73 an hour. 

I got to also meet some really wonderful people the lovely Julia Pott came up to my stall and we had a wee chat which was lovely and i got to me her wonderful in a rather chrismassy outfit. Also i got to meet Sophie of Oh my clumsy heart she's adorable. And i also met up with Emma Lewis which was great because we went to the same Uni she did illustration and i did fine art so it was really nice to finally get to meet her. 
So minus the strike came into action at 6 last night meaning i had to leave early, it was really great day.

I had to got to work today rather un-expectedly so i haven't really been upto much just trying to dodge the freezing weather on my journey, i am all snuggled now in my 20p christmas jumper. When o got home i received a parcel from my boyfriend it has taken him nearly 5months to post me something so when i opened the parcel he had sent home made ginger beer and tea towel for my mum and dad that had vegetable growing dates its prettier then it sounds, soap because i am a but of a tramp, and two hand printed cards wonderful it was a nice end to my rather tiresome day. Ooo and i also watched Ghost hunters i am obsessed with this program, even though it kind of scares me and the fact is i live in a rather creepy house to begin with doesnt really help ha!

But onto a little video that i love because it has wooly hats, patterned wooly jumpers and mainly because its my favorite Elton John song sung by one of my favorite singers...there is some reasons to love it! So have a little listen to Ellie Goulding because it all wintery and snowing and just because.


26 November 2010

So after a very long and tiring few days of making and creating i only have really one day left to sort my stock out for the bust craftacular this sunday wooo, i am working at 3 today until 7 alone in the shop so once i get home i wont be able to function ha! and tonight i was invited to the Belle and Boo exhibition in crouch end but i am to worried that i will be too tiered to attend this has really annoyed me because it is two exhibitions that i have now missed due to working too late, but i am happy at work dont get me wrong. Enough Moaning!

I have recently been in contact with the wonderful laura who i have spoken about before, i find that i am sort of drifting between craft and illustration, illustrations for magazines. And i am going to take the time to focus on my children's illustration work. I am happy with what i am creating but i do feel rather adrift in the mass of illustration i feel that id don't really have a true footing in it yet, so i am still going to post on my blog and bits and pieces but i am taking the time to focus on my portfolio, also my and my boyfriend might collaborate and create an animation. So watch this space, i might get to see him next week i haven't seen him in 6weeks which is probably the longest so far we have gone without seeing each other. So next week expect lots of photos of things we have been upto.

Oh and my list writing has become now annoying because i hadn't written my to-do list last night i woke up at 9am when i normally get 6am and get cracking but for tomorrow i have written an hour by hour to-do list ha! what has my life become seriously!

24 November 2010

I am working like a manic, i have done two commissions yes two commissions in one night i have also been at work today i am well proud of myself! Just thought i would share that with you my life is filled with lists you should see my bedroom wall, it literally is covered in scribble and things to do i say my wall i mean pieces of paper on my wall heres a quick and crappy glance!

I am also working ridiculously hard creating my stock for sundays bust christmas craftacular i am sooo nervous!



Shop, craft, dance... and make merry!


York Hall, 5-15 Old Ford Road, London E2 9PJ
                   1 minute from Bethnal Green tube station

The things that you will be able to purchase from my stall are

  • Illustrated brooches
  • painted badges
  • Illustrated pillows
  • various illustrated mugs
  • Illustrated and hand-bound note books
  • Christmas cards individual and packs
  • Illustrated necklaces
  • Illustrated rings
  • handmade and illustrated labels
  • Prints
  • Original drawings/ framed and un-framed
  • Zines
  • Handmade christmas decorations
Everything i am stocking is made by me, i have made me and my mum Name badges i am rather excited there will also be a commissions book, if anyone wants bespoke jewelry making :).

This little beauty will be available as a print to minus the Ella Masters, who would want that!


22 November 2010

Oliver Jeffers 'Heart and the Bottle' iPad Picture Book App

This is truly wonderful, Oliver jeffers is one of my favorite Children's illustrators i nearly have all of his books, I have the heart in the bottle i bought it for myself when i graduated :), but i discovered this amazing creation on Twitter. Imagine being able to interactive with your favorite book...Cue Helena Bonham-carter narrating 'Heart and the bottle' Only if i could afford an iPad, i just wanted to share this Video with the world Enjoy!

21 November 2010

Harry potter and narnia inspiration

So i went and saw harry potter and the Deathly hallows today, i was sat in the Cinema at 8:50am earliest i had ever been in the cinema the only time i could get tickets to see it, it was fully booked for the weekend, So i went along really not knowing much about the deathly hallows book, i find it so hard to read books like harry potter with my Dyslexia, but i love the film and i am so excited about the next one in july. 
Harry Potter always reminds me of this time of year and christmas whilst i was in the cinema i saw the advert for the new Chronicles of Narnia Film, The voyage of the Dawn treader, it looks amazing i dont really care that i am 22 i still love stories and films like this reminds me of being young. They really inspire me to be creative i just wish that i had thought of writing harry potter i am pretty sure everyone has thought this at some point, well illustrators and writers that is. 
I wont give much away of harry potter but i love the Deathly Hallows scene with the illustration and emma watson Narrating it.
Also to be honest i was very distracted by the sound of a young couple behind me kissing each others faces off, but i blocked that out and 3hours went by rather quickly when watching it and i would throughly recommend people go and see it. 

I know recently i have been kind of lost with my illustrations but i am at the moment, working very hard of a novel/book about well i cant really tell you too much it is partly based in oxford with a little bit of magic and i think it is a story that has been an accumulation of all my childhood thoughts, dreams and fears all rolled into 1 i have started writing it, with the intention of it being an illustrated novel.
I am also wanting to venture alot more into my passion for Children's illustrations. After receiving a wonderful email from laura from the illustration Blog i am Lil i have come to realize i have to stop faffing about with certain projects and get on with what it is i want to be. And recently some one sent me a comment saying how hard it is to pay for things when you are an illustrator i don't personally think that you venture into illustration for monetary gain, i do it because i love drawing, i love telling stories and since being a child with serve Dyslexia and i am not using it as an excuse i have been tested and i have a 5 second memory when it comes to retain anything like reading, and instructions Children's book to me are vital in learning and i want to be part of that. 
You should always be in touch with your inner child, if that is going to watch harry potter for 3 hours switching off the outside world whilst you sit in the cinema and re-gain the passion and fantasy and play that a child has that has to be a good thing.

christmas creations *2

I know i have been a bad blogger, i have blogged for a week now i have just been busy busy busy with various projects, commissions and work.
I have been running around printing xmas cards, i cant say that there is really a set of christmas cards that i will have on sale on my Etsy site or at the BUST craftacular, because i keep creating new illustrations, but they include squirrels, jumpers and snowflakes. Here are a few new and old illustrations i have printed onto cards. I love christmas and all the wonderful things that come with it.

So those above are some little creations i have made, i have also been spending my lonely winter nights, drawing and sewing and painting i have created pillows to sell at the BUST christmas fair, i cant actually find my camera cable which annoys me ridiculously, but i have taken a few pictures with my mac photo both, of the mugs and pillows i have created.


14 November 2010

I am quite chuffed with my new blog header, i am really working hard on my illos, i am trying to create a strong theme running through out, so today i decided to make a tumblr if i am honest i dont really know how it works but i am working hard on it keeping it clean and fresh. 

Also today i submitted my Illustration into the Seasalt design a jute bag and this was my entry i am quite happy with the simplicity of it.

It is one of my favorite shops in falmouth, if you have never been to a seasalt, you haven't lived hehe... the one in falmouth always had amazing shop windows...Lush. My image was inspired by the people on the beach in the summer, and men in flip flops and bikinis and tans.

13 November 2010

christmas creations *1

So today i am free for a little while, started m new job at paperchase and would you believe it i am working with one of my oldest mates :) so that make the whole experience tonnes better, i guess  its not to hard and working is keeping me busy, but it just means when i get in at night i have no energy to draw but i guess that is the draw back to working, i am only a christmas temp at the moment but i am glad to be bringing in some pennies, i can now pay for my deposit on my MA, which makes me happy a step closer to my goal. I am still missing cornwall ridiculous amounts, but i know thats were my future is...so that makes me happy and forces me to work harder.

I haven't really done alot of drawing in the last 5 days which have felt like forever i am not gonna lie. I have been drawing on my nights off few little characters for my Christmas card packs.

So here are a few designs kind of untouched by photoshop so i still need to work on them and print but, i am developing some new styles that i am really happy about, because i didn't do illustration as a degree course, i am still developing i am soooo looking forward to getting my teeth into my MA, i am a bit worried about the state of falmouth uni at the moment because my tutors on fine art have been given voluntary redundancy, that will turn into compulsory redundancy which really upsets me, and they have to be out by march...what the world coming to?

9 November 2010

Ballad Of exhibition

So if anyone who follows me on twitter know why i was nervous and stressed out today :( got home and i really really miss my boyfriend ridiculous amounts  i have spoken about him before and he is living in ludlow at the moment while i am in london, we only get to speak on he phone about twice a week, so hearing his voice is sucha wonderful thing, we are planning to move in together hopefully pretty soon, and to add to me missing him there was a really sad episode of hollyoaks poor steph :( anyway on with some proper news hey.

I recently created a piece of work for BalladOf magazine and it will be featured in their Exhibition this Friday, the brief was to create a piece using the text "dont forget to write" I was really happy with the outcome of mine and it was fueled by my long distance relationship with my joey. I did crop the Exhibition piece because i wasn't sure about the triangle shapes.

The illustration above is the one you will see if you go along to the exhibition, It is to celebrate the new issue of ballad of magazine, head to shoreditch's Jaguar Shoes, November the 12th so this friday and the wonderful julia Pott has created the wonderful invite, it has all the details on there so have a little goosey :)

Image credit julia pott and Ballad of


7 November 2010

i'm just having one of those days Blurgh! Im rather excited & nervous for my job interview tomorrow wish me luck :)
I wish someone would buy one of my creations it would make me so much more happier.... After my interview tomorrow i will be creating a new christmas Zine which i have a few ideas for so watch this space also i have a wonderful blog post about a fellow crafter and  creator Alicia Andrews 

Just thought i would share old sketchbook pages 


5 November 2010

I have uploaded 4 of my necklaces on to my new look etsy site I am really loving the new illustration necklaces and i have plently more to upload, they are going for a price between £5 and £8 which i dont think is to bad for a christmas gift i have decided to ship to all over the world so if you fancy one just pop over to my site and grab one.


4 November 2010

Today's makes...

 I was up at 6 am printing, and in a dash to buy more spray mount and foam board for the the BalladOf Exhibition, once i had sorted all that out it was 10:45am and me and mum decided to sit down and watch Kirstie Allsop's Homemade Home, i love this program and to add to the day me and mum had a massive cup of tea and we were a bit naughty and bought Findus Crispy pancakes...lush haha they weren't much like i remember them flavorless, i swear they at least tasted of cheese as a child.

Forgive the look of the tea my mum left the teabag in to long and for some reason it goes like this but i dont really care about looks its a cup of tea and that is all that matters...On with the makes of the day
This is my favorite necklace i have made so far Lovely Jubbly :) it will be for sale tomorrow hopefully once i have sorted out pricing what do people think of my little creation?
 This is also my favorite but its not for 92p ha! thats just the price of the cigars in my old cigar box :)
Please keep an eye out either tonight or tomorrow on my Etsy site and folksy site for these little winter inspired Gems my Etsy site is getting a totally re-vamp tonight which i hope will appeal to people more i am also going to be doing a buy and item and get a free something :) so really worth it all pendants are painstakingly drawn by me and shrunk :) i am so happy with these little illo necklaces also tomorrow i will be creating pillows-----illustrated pillows :) oh and i bought a new sketchbook cue drawing of people i.e. my older brother :)


3 November 2010

Shrinkle Pendants

This is just a really quick post to show my lovely followers some new creations i spent the morning making some small necklace pendants out of the shrinkle plastic i ordered on sunday :)

These photos are just taken on my mac so they are a bit grainy but have a look im well proud of myself, the 1st 2 attempts didnt work so well....

Happy face and my favorite 20p charity shop jumper 

2 November 2010

I am currently making prints to sell :) but just for now here are a few images form my sketchbook...
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