9 November 2010

Ballad Of exhibition

So if anyone who follows me on twitter know why i was nervous and stressed out today :( got home and i really really miss my boyfriend ridiculous amounts  i have spoken about him before and he is living in ludlow at the moment while i am in london, we only get to speak on he phone about twice a week, so hearing his voice is sucha wonderful thing, we are planning to move in together hopefully pretty soon, and to add to me missing him there was a really sad episode of hollyoaks poor steph :( anyway on with some proper news hey.

I recently created a piece of work for BalladOf magazine and it will be featured in their Exhibition this Friday, the brief was to create a piece using the text "dont forget to write" I was really happy with the outcome of mine and it was fueled by my long distance relationship with my joey. I did crop the Exhibition piece because i wasn't sure about the triangle shapes.

The illustration above is the one you will see if you go along to the exhibition, It is to celebrate the new issue of ballad of magazine, head to shoreditch's Jaguar Shoes, November the 12th so this friday and the wonderful julia Pott has created the wonderful invite, it has all the details on there so have a little goosey :)

Image credit julia pott and Ballad of



  1. aww I love that illustration, it's so cute! I quite like the triangular shapes - rather bunting-like :)
    also, do you take commissions...?

  2. aww thank you, i have been working so i havent actually been able to attend tonight which i am really sad about.... yes i do take commissions did you have a certain project in mind? :) xx


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