31 March 2010

jewellery making day with mum.

HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE TREACLE love you with all my heart.


30 March 2010

you know what is really inspiring the buggery out of me atm is....

001.Hair, fashion, its all pretty much all i can think of atm, trying soooo bloody hard to get some promo on my stuff so much to do so little time so u thought i would put all the ideas i had in my head and all the images that have inspired me recently up here :)

This image i discovered on a feefren i love 40's and 50's hair, i did experiment the other day my sister use to be a hairdresser at college and  she had loads of curlers and i got some stuck in my hair stoooopid girl!! lol

002. I discoverd this artist when i was rumagin around he tea rooms in bricklane, she paints over old photographs, its pretty fab her name is kitty valentine they are pretty cool

003 i really really want to scan some of my work in and show everyone but i dont have ascanner back home in london so it will have to wait.


29 March 2010

My stuff for sale at two little birds

A lady having a look at my tea cup necklaces for sale :)

The lady wearing my teapot necklace let just hope she bought it, These photographs are from two little birds charity night the photographs are taken by emma and ella from two little birds. 


28 March 2010

i love jumpers!

001. This is the jumper that i have chosen to use in my final degree show, got it from bricklane vintage market, i shall upload the pics of my trip tomorrow. I am planning on creating a book about the life of this jumper, and how hidden within the knitted jumper, lies the hardship of life, love, freedom, failure and truth. The images on the jumper i think show this aswell people, sunlight, love, life=trees lol. it was a fair bit of dollar!but im happy now just to start on the book.

002. These are my new creations inspired by my trip out today, i bought the scraps of leather off some strange guy today in spitalfields, out of a trolley while my little brothers prettened to use the gold leather as pants.... good look, these are hand stitched by me and are avaliable on ellabear & Joseph both 1 offs! I will be making more of these im currently working on a bear and a jumper ♥

Rebel Rebel!


27 March 2010

a lovely thing

I discovered this on nicole Trundles' blog its makes me feel a little bit happier about  me!

"In 20 years, you'll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can't grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked. YOU ARE NOT AS FAT AS YOU IMAGINE."

Follow me on twitter still have no idea how to use it but have a look and follow for fun.... Ella Masters thanks guys must get some well deserved sleep for a long day vintage shopping in spitalfields and bricklane tomorrow :)


the things i love the most!

I miss him so much i havent seen him in almost 2weeks ish, i know il be seeing him in a bit but its notfair...anyway  hes a beaut! and i proper think he should be a model what ya reck!? my ickle pickle!


26 March 2010

the biggest shopping center ever!!!

001. To start the day off, i went with my brother to westfields shopping center which has 265 shops, the biggest cinema in the uk and 3 shops that you wont find anywhere else in the world!!! anyway we got lost on the way there he missed the turning on the A40 and ended up in the arse end of paddington which was nice, i joke it was a wee adventure. Went around some shops and was shocked at the prices of topshop, zara and the rest of the commercial world. And now i realised why my mum laughed at me when i asked if there was any charity shops! I am all for topshops loveliness but when it is the size of a small palace and charging more for the clothes then i think its a bit of a joke. On a happier note i did have a wander about and got some ideas for handmade things, shells are gonna be a big accessory, got that in the bag already. I saw a jumper with little bobbles, my mate bought a jumper like that from a charity shop and cut off all the bobbles and gave them to me to sew on my jumper so i have that in the bag lol!! SO much lace!! i love it!
I bought a simple skirt from Zara for £7.99 which isnt to bad, it has flowers on and it goes with, most of my stuff and to be honest my brother pesterd me into getting it, i wanted the black one but nevermind!

002. Made my little brothers 18th birthday present a painting of me and him when we were little and i realised after looking at the painting for 3hours that he has the smallest eyes i have ever seen on a human being! but i love him more then words could ever say :)

003. Found an old jumper i bought from camden about 5years ago so i decided that i couldn't bring myself to pay £50 for a topshop jumper so i would make my own, got my sewing kit, broken jewellery and beads and i've spent the rest of the evening whatching films and sewing, whilst looking after mum and her neon broken leg.

004. I have also created one-off handmade hair clips bows made from vintage lace and velvet, buttons and old bits of jewellery, these are for the d.i.y section of my zine, theya re pretty simply made, i did this because i wanted the readers to be able to make it with little effort and much affect.


25 March 2010

todays inspiration....

001. Well to begin with today i went with my to the hospital in our lovely new little peugot 205 i've named it cherry, mum wanted to call it maud...anyway had some good news about her broken leg it is healing well, so she should be out of her cast in 4 weeks :)

002. so after the hospitail i went charity shop shopping, i really needed to find a paterned icelandic style jumper, because i really need one for my degree show book, i couldnt fine one, so i wne to in search of other cool things, and on my travels between about six charity shops, which were kind of expensive i discovered 2 lovely necklaces and a plain flowery top, one of the necklaces turns out to be 24 karate gold which i gave to my mum not realising what it was made of only cost me 99p which was well good and she loves it so thats an added bonus and the other necklace i've got is a brooch/ necklace and it has a hand painted bunch of flowers on the front tis rather lovely i kind thought worth 99p :) i dont often talk about fashion or the things i wear, coz sumtimes it can be boring, bit weird for sumone who is inspired by fashion to think that way, but sometimes it can be a wee bit vain? but i dunno im gonna give it a go and see what happens.

003. As i talked about in the enrtry above, i want an amazing icelandic patterned jumper to draw and im going to base a book around it, create a graphic novel about, the people that wear the jumper, places, things that happened because i didnt want my work to be like fashion illuatration and i thiught if i could make the object obvious but second to the people that own it then i think it would be far more indepth and have more scoop. i really really want a vintage white one with patterns i came across the best jumper i have ever ever seen it had numbers and animals knitted all the way across it, it was £25, but i think when i go back up to spital fields or bricklane im gonna pay that coz it will inspire me for at least till the end of my degree...so i plan on making a book.

004. A friend from university is doing a project on awarness of alcohol and young children, she asked if she could use one of my paintings, jumped at the chance and this is the result. Mine is the red bottle on the far right, the designs are done by Casey Hennessy head over to her blog. They are pretty banging.


24 March 2010

Sneak peek of New ZINE Oooh Fudge!

I may have written about this Zine i am making, in a previous post but i can't remeber so i am going to write abit here about it. I came up with the idea with my friend beth norcross, the zine is about art and fashion and a few interviews and reviews of products lots and lots of drawing :) If anyone fancies being interviewed or would like to submit some work for the centerfold please dont hesistate to email me ellamasters1988@hotmail.co.uk or just leave a wee comment.

i have taken a few crude pictures on my macbook photobooth pretty crap but atm thats all i can get hold of.


The delicious miss dahl

Sophie Dahl, one of the most glorious women on the planet, shares delicious secrets from her slinky kitchen, funny stories and favourite recipes in a beautifully illustrated hardback. With delectable recipes for each season, this luscious abundant take on food will delight women everywhere. 

This was a description for her lovely cooking book just watched her new cooking programme i dont normally write bout things like this but i really found it nice and calming, shes a proper stunner to, her house is to die for like she fell into a wardrobe of cath kidson and laura ashley perfect combination :)


23 March 2010


*Quote of the day

home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to - john ed pearce

22 March 2010


01 Sorry for not really talking about what i have been upto recently, i've been apllyin for jobs many many jobs, notsure if they are graduate jobs but what the heck i applied, i applied for 2 bbc jobs, one was for radio cornwall and the other was an art presenting job, me presenting i dont think soo...haha. I've applied for the what i think to be one of the best art, craft shop in falmouth, which i've applied for a saturday job at the shop tyto. i think i created the best cv ever for the job :)

If you are ever in falmouth please visit they have so much fab stuff
Discovery Quay
3 Tidemill House, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 3XP
01326 313 260

02 so i finally applied for my MA at falmouth to do illustration, which i hopefully would be able to deferr a year, kinda left it a bit late but never mind, i am also applying for the princes drawing school, its a free postgraduate course so i have been finishing my sketchbooks because i have stupidly lost my favourite sketchbook tis nowhere to be found i hope no one has stolen it from me.

03 Spitafields and columbia road market. This place was absolutley fab me and dad went up town yesterday, so i could by some art stuff, if any of my readers are from london or ever vist you have to go to the east end of town where my family are from, the vintage markets that are on bricklane are such a feast for the eyes, to be honest i didnt buy anything because it was a wee bit pricey but it was so inspirational, the patterned wooley jumpers, piles of vintage leather shoes filled the market....I was in pure heaven.

Quote of the day

"Jesus was well into his thirties
before he really did anything,
so I shouldn't be too worried."
Ville Valo

a fresh start

I have created a seperate page or daily inspiration that i have discoverd on Flickr and all across the web. I realised that this blog is pretty much dedicated to my art work and myself which sometimes is a bit boring or very boring. So i have decided to be a wee bit spontaneous and discover new things
and share them with people.
So here we go.There is gonna be a few changes to the blog, so i can make the most of this space and to add a bit of vibrancy to what i believe to be a boring blog!!

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