31 May 2010

vintage cafe dream

+01 Ive been fantasing about my future...and i really really really want to own a shop, a shop filled with wonderous goodies, i want to own a vintage clothes shop cafe, thats my plan i think i will save up and buy a shop i've been perving on interiors of other shops hehe
I was spured on by my selling technique again today at the yard sale that me and my housemate have been doing everyweekend i made another £50. So i have decided after also watching junior apprentice and their task was to sell cupcakes i was inspired! i want to sel handmade cakes coffe, tea and hot chocolate while people try clothes on! I am going to do the internship at alexander Mcqueen to learn all about fashion! and then the world is my oyster!

Imagine it...i discovered this image at heres looking at me kid its sucha a wonderful photo and its perfect its how i imagine my world to be like, something out of country living!

+02 On other news i have been doing my prep work for my end of degree show eekk i have so much to do so i have spent the evening do life drawings of my boyfriend haha he makes a good model, until people outside saw and we thought that enough was enough im sooooo worried that my fine art tutors do not like my book, it could go either way, they think it has nothing to do with fine art and hate it or they love it, respect me for following what i want to do i reckon they will hate it! hey ho you cant please everyone all of the time hey! anyway on with some more positive things,
im slowly slowly become more directly inspired by fashion, it always always pops up in my work so i am really excited at the prospect that when i have more time on my hands in a weeks time i will be creating some great outsits and some fashion DIY.

30 May 2010


+01 Recently i have been neglecting what it is that i am wearing, because i have been getting up with no time to spare for fashion pickiness! But the other day i decided that i will slowly get my style and fashion savey back, i ventured into new look and discovered these wonderful sandles, i got student discount and they make me feel so summery.
Alot of bloggers have a very consistent style, i find it sooo hard to keep my style level up, with juggling art work and being in the studio, but as soon as i move back home i think i will feel far more free...with my style also the fact that i will be starting my internship it will inspire me with the clothes. So here are a few inspirations... i am soo inspired by the 20's, purple, embelished fabric and colour..espically fashion that has been inspired by art :)

Images found through out the web..if you wish for
me to remove or for you to be named for the wonderful creations let me know.

week...in pictures

+01 So its been along time since i've blogged something its been sucha long week, i've completed my book so this post based on my last project at university..which is quite scary, but my boyfriend helped me bind the book, and it was printed as cheap as i could get it, and i have also done my large watercolours also so everything is complete so its a good feeling i am still working hard on my prep and sketchbooks.

So these photographs arent the best quality but they are the pages from my book called remember me.. it bascially is a story about a girl called Elsa, who starts uni with low self-esteem discovers a suitcase with letters and quotes written in the 1970's by a girl called Eddie, they seem to refelect elsa life, she takes a quote everyday with the help of her new friend louise, and i have illustrated her struggle to self belief...its my first proper book made, written and illustrated by me so this is why im excited and nervous at the same time, i have been pretty pre-occupied with sorting my life out for london in a months time and the internship at Alexander Mcqueen.

Also i have uploaded some pictures of my larger paintings that will be going into the show im nervous about these too, i do a fine art course and watercolours arent very welcome which sucks big time but its all good. And also for the show, i have had a plinth specailly made for the suitcase, jumper and book :) thank you Ravi..


23 May 2010



Flickr faves03

+01 So todays Flickr Faves come from my inspiration for the week, things that make me happy, things that are pretty, things that i don't have to think about, i have had a very challenging week. Where i have found out things about myself that i didn't think that i had inside myself. The moment i recieved that email about the Alexander McQueen interview, i felt that i hadn't got onto things, for a reason, i hadnt got on the princess drawing school for a reason, i deferred my course for a reason. For once i believed in my own fate, something that i had never really believed before. But when i was sat on the bench outside their headquarters (mcqueen) i was content, i was free of nerves, self-doubt and worry. I am a very ambitious person i think? well everything i have ever really gone for has gone well. I felt for that moment, sitting on that bench like all the things that i had worked hard for all my life, were meant to be, i was meant to be there. I have never really felt like that before and i cant trully explain it, even though i knew that i might not get that placement, the trip felt like i had to do it, to prove to myself that sometimes in life chances are given and they have to be taken, good or bad they have to be made. The thing that made me realise that my hard work paid off, and self doubt was for a good thing was, the top designer loved my work, i didnt even have to explain it, she said it was amazing. I do not mean to aound like i am bragging, it was a major high point that i want to share, and make other people who think they are not worthy of these amazing things when you are, just apply like i did take your fate and freedom into your own hands, because at the end of the day to make it in life you have to set your own path. 
+02 I am now back from london and i am back in sunny falmouth to enjoy my last week in the studio, which is going to be so manic i might just die of stress! lets hope not...well what have i got to complete binding my book, ordering my buissness cards, finishing my quotes, portfolio, journal...and ermm...brain can't think but i have tonnes to do. 

+03 I have this really far fetched idea of wanting to create a fashion label, filled with illustrated items of clothing, i love the work of Caitlin Shearer, i have talked about her work before but this is were i gained my inspiration for this idea from.
Beautiful fine illustrations on beautiful fine material, i think that i want to aim to either be a fashion illustrator or to run my own designs...i sooo want to do this so i have asked the wonderful llymrls maybe we could come up with some wonderful, items of clothing, graphic tops, and skirts...its an idea!?

+04 And i have finally decided to do chictopia & lookbook.nu properly becuase recently i just havent found the time to do any clothes posts and i have been feeling a bit fugly so i thought it wouldb't be a good time to share my looks when i felt like this, and i guess now that i will be working for Alexander McQueen i have to be a wee bit more fahionable, this is the only thing that worries me!

21 May 2010


 DO NOT LOOK AT THE FACE I FELT LIKE DEATH. and also i have no photoshop to edit me out so...

+01 So today was what felt like the longest day of my life! Me and joe got the train to london a massively packed train to head to my Alexander Mcqueen Internship interview. I had the worst headache in the world, so when we got to the head office we were 3 hours early, so we sat in the little cafe call benugo lovely lovely until i was sick!! OMG drama so i decided that even though i had been sick and i just wanted to go home, i powered on for the interview, i think if my boyfriend hadnt been there i wouldnt have coped at all. I met some of the other Interns...who seemed absoultley wonderful, as i walked into the clean pristen studio, i was greeted by a massive stuffed polar bear. The fact i was there didnt hit me until i sat down in front of, a cabinet of McQueens awards, BAFTAs and GQ awards, fashion awards and inside i had a masssssive panick attack until the lady interviewing me turned up, she looked through my portfolio and she said my work was actuually amazing my colour work was incredible...which made me so happy and then....she offered me the internship! SCORE! I start after i graduate in july! So there is my wonderful news for the day xx I would love to thank all my wonderful followers for their kind words yesterday! :)


20 May 2010

The biggest oppurtunity of my life....

+01 Well scared, excited, worried, nervous are just some of the feelings i am feeling right now beacuse.......i recieved an email late lastnight from a lady you works for Alexander Mcqueen, i applied for work experince/internship on the illustration-graphic design for their collections. So my interview is tomorrow at 6.45pm, i am scared i think that i wont be good enough or maybe they have me mixed up with someone else???!?!?!? So many people have told me to go for it? but i am in cornwall 300miles away so i have to leave uber early to get there for the interview time....

Here are some images of his lovely stuff...

I was like wooowzer at this wonderful snake print and jacket, totally amazing totally out of my price range but look at the detail, beautiful! This ring is amazing i really want it, maybe i could get a goodie bag for go to the interview tomorrow.....i wish!

So wish me luck...

17 May 2010


 +01 This was the Yard sale me and my house mates were doing on saturday, there was so much on sale, and we all had so many clothes, there is tonnes and tonnes of stuff for sale i made the most with the gift of the gab apparently i made £120 selling clothes bags, shoes and lots of vintage stuff, the weather was gawjuss and i got a tan so what more could you ask for a tan and money perfect combination.

+02 Once again i had a bit of a shit day, but i decided the best thing was to come home sit in my room with a can of coke and make a dummy book, before i get my one printed on tuesday/thursday so this is what i created the photos are a bit poo but you kind of get the idea hopefully. I am still tweeking the story but im almost there sorry these blog post are a bit boring it just i have so much to do atm.

14 May 2010

Less is more as my mother always says.

+01 well today has been awfully awful i woke up in an ok mood, but it became apparent that i wasnt very well, i suffer from really severe migrains so i was sick all day & my eye sight has been terrible recently and stress blindness runs in the family (my dad when he was younger went blind for a month becasue of stress), it doesnt last forever just until you're body isn't stressed anymore, i know this is a rather negative and down thing to start with today, but it is the reason why, i will be creating less blog posts. As all the energy i have will be on completeing my work to my best ability. Stoopid i eyes and brain!!

+02 On a much more positive note, i have nearly completed my layouts for myillustrations, and then all i have to do is the mountain of prep work before my work gets marked by all 12 tutors at university ekk! im scared. Now all i have to do is get the story upto scratch over lay it and do my quotes and i am free! below is the illustration and layout finished of the watercolour i did of elsa yesterday, please let me know what you think?

+03 I think as a new feature of my blog i will be posting about daily fashion and style icons, that has inspired me some way that day with there fashion or in my art work. So to kick off we will be looking at the fabulouse fearne cotton.

Me and fearne have a few things in common we grew up in the same town in london a place called Northwood, i use to hang out at her grandad's florist, my next door neighbour nicky use to be a saturday girl there, fearne and i went on school trip togther to learn about our town or summin was a few years ago now, she was best mates with my best friends sister Also we had our tattoos done at the same tattoo parlour, by the same tattooist. She is also an all round lovely person. So here are her top 5 outfits.

These images were discovered on the net, Number 5 is from Fearne's fashion from radio one, i love how here fashion is really rock' chic-esqe, but also really high street at the same time, Her personality really shines through. I picked a wide variation of fashion styles that fearne has gone for my favourite is the sqaure dress at the top, her petit figure works really well with simple statement pieces. Less is more as my mother always says. Let me know if you have any favourite celeb looks you would like me to blog about. Also if you fancy having a look just like fearne's have a look at very.co.uk. She has a collection with holly willoughby.
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