31 October 2010

shrinky dinky plastic geek!

Ok so i am going to rather geek out now, but today i bought some shrink plastic, many bloggers and crafter have in the past used this but i am fairly new to it :) I am rather excited of the possiblities of using it. Being able to draw on to the plastic and then shrink it to make say pendants and other jewellery is something that i can't wait to do. So i have been doing a little bit of research into other bloggers and how they use the meduim of shrink plastic themselves.
Inspiration in plastic
I totally love the blog What Katie found Kakes Makes, she is a wonderful crafter and inspiring. I love her little teacups, really beautiful and soo didy, i have fallen in love with hand-crafting again, its running upto christmas and i think everyone one should at least make one of the gifts they give to their love ones, i just think its so much better then popping to primark or newlook and picking up a necklace or a pair of earrings it just show that people have taken the time to think of the person who the present is for.

Image courtesy of what katie Found


pumpkins and teacups

So today has been a weird mix because the clocks went back i woke up at would normally be 8:30 and it was 7:30 i was quite happy because it makes my day longer and i am able to put more into it! After a massive crafting shop yesterday at hobby craft that hardly had anything i was looking for resulting in online shopping today :) I got really excited about buying shrink plastic today, i have so many wonderful ideas of what i want to create. I felt rather Christmassy today i have been creating handmade babuls hand-crafted by me.

I did feel christmassy whilst carving a pumpkin, i decided to carve the pumpkin with my lino cutter but alas when you need something you can never find it, so i improvised and use a pair of nail scissors haha it worked perfectly! 

My attempt to make a mexican death mask style pumpkin...
                        And this is the final result i called her beryl im notsure why!?
 Scary stuff hey?
Between creating pumpkins and helping mum cook i have been spending the day creating new designs for my teacup brooches and packaging them all up and making them look pretty, trying my very hardest to be neat and tidy. I am really excited about doing the Bust christmas Fair because quite a few illustrators i admire will be there.
Mum in the kitchen messy as always

Below is are a few images of my creations my brooches, necklaces and a brand new idea i have had creating tiny felt-teacups :) I'm notsure if my creating crafts is getting me anywhere do people like my creations would be great to get some feed back on stuff.
These are my little felt creations what do you think? I will be making more and if you cant tell what they are, they are tiny little teacups.

Inspiration sunday

I have so much going on in my head right now, work, screen printing, bust magazine christmas fair ....oh the amount of stuff is endless i wrote this post about two days ago but my internet has been a useless sausage.

so i thought i would have a wee bit of a chillout time, and i discovered the most wonderful little  inspirational blog filled with cute handmade things, its called Penguin & Fish and it is wonderful, it has tonnes of featured work by creative people. Alyssa Thomas is the creator behind Penguin & Fish her blog is wonderful and so is her embroidery :) you can buy patterns to create your very own little embroidered creations....

Image credit: Penguin & Fish

Everyone that knows me knows how im a sucker for a beautiful teacup, i have plenty hanging about my studio and when i came across Anne Smith's 100 tea cups i was lost for words at the beautifully illustrated work :) They remind me of 17th-18th century pottery. She also creates wonderful  illustrations of birds, butterflies and 

Image credit: anne smith 100 cups
Image Credit : Anne Smith 100 cups
Image credit: Anne Smith 100 cups

I have spent the last two days creating ridiculous amounts of teacups brooches these will be avaliable on my bust christmas stall which im really excited about getting in the christmas mood, i have a rather large list of things to do for today and next week:

  1. Carve my Halloween pumpkin
  2. Paint more brooches/varnish 
  3. buy Kirstie Allsop Handmade home
  4. buy new screen print and learn 100 watt bulbs ( exciting stuff)
  5. Print cards 
  6. draw
  7. draw
  8. draw....
  9. Buy shrink plastic

27 October 2010

week in photos

Well i wont apologise for being away from my blog for a week, because i have had a great week, i spent last wednesday at belle and boo helping Mandy with the new range of childrens wear. I will blog about this  in far more detail later. But i have spent the last few days visiting my boyfriend in ludlow, i had sucha wonderful time minus Joe's sister's kitten little Flo dieing in the night :( poor little kitty she was the first ever kitten i met believe it or not im 22 years old and i have never seen a kitten. But the George turned up the little ball of fluff and made everything better. I had the worlds best sandwich from a sandwich shop in shrewsbury aswell could life get any better!?
This is poor little flo, she was really ickle and very sick and she sadly passed away, and below is fluffy george having a little snooze 
Me and Joe being a bit special

I also played silly amounts of skate ps3 games with Joe's little brother and i have to admit that i was rather good, and i seem to impress with my computer skills,  i also spent my time inventing new children's book characters with the help of joe's mum we had a brain storming session, and i came up with a really great little character that i hope to develop more, i got some great news about Bust craftacular which i will be doing more on the next blog.
Pretty much the worlds best Sandwich
I just love the windows and the little curtains
I have to admit this did make me chuckle a little
I really hate having to leave behind ludlow even though it is pretty remote, i just have to leave behind my joey and all the little things we have to get upto, long distant relationships can be a bit hard sometimes but the thing that i like is the fact that when we get to see each other its so special and means so much its work the heartbreak of having to leave each other and not see one another for months.

So my last picture is of my wonderful joe, his face looks a wee bit funny but i caught him mid-way eating his worlds best sandwich (we had the same filling) Oh it has only been 9 hours and 45 minutes since i last kissed him goodbye at the station (rather rushed because the we were late and the train was early) i had a wonderful weekend and week, back to life and reality!


19 October 2010

Inspiration from Viviane Schwarz

I think i am just having one of those days where my To-do list is massive and soo unattainable that i feel so overwhelmed by the simplest of tasks like loading images onto my Folksy whilst browsing through my twitter i saw viviane Schwarz and thought i might just go on her blog and then i went onto the interview link
I love her accent for a start and she seems so genuine about illustration and her work and she really made me realise that its all about passion in illustration and not about getting people to like your work, i have been feeling rather lost after graduating and moving back home to london, some days you can feel quite un-inspired and you can create work that isn't really adequate enough it needs to be excellent and i think i need to find that passion again, just after i have another cup of tea....4th one of the day and it is only 10:51 am...

The tiniest dummy book ever Images courtesy of Mouse hunter blog

There are no cats in this book, by Viviane Schwarz, image courtesy of seven possible things before breakfast


18 October 2010

new creations by Ella

So today i have been on a epic photosesh of my products in hope that someone might buy at least one thing to help me with my MA  fund :) so here are a few creations they will be appearing on my Folksy and Etsy site, I would love to have at least one sale on my Etsy site you know you want to buy :), with every purchases from either site you will receive a a free little thing...if thats not a reason to buy i dont know what is... Brooches are £5.00, Notebooks are £6.50, Illustration £10.00, Teacups : vary
Please let me know what you think..?

Brand new Website Ella Masters

Hello to my new followers and everyone else that takes the time to browse through my pages i havent been on here as much because i have  been working really hard on creating my new website with a little help from my boyfriend. It can finally be unveiled Ella Masters Illustration There are a few old images that you may have seen before but there are some new projects and new work so please go ahead and delve into my world of creation and art.



I know alot of you out there are into fitness and well-being. Some of my friends from falmouth are obsessed with surfing and keeping fit, if your not exactly in the best place (well not by the sea) you can keep on your toes using a coolboard, its made in Bristol. These boards are fantastic for balancing. if you want to find out more and prices head over to the website and also its coming upto christmas so why not?

Your probably thinking oh what is ella talking about coolboards when she illustrates, well i personally think these fantastic boards are great and i have a good mate who rates them too, i have used a wobble board before on instruction from my doctor when i broke my ankle its meant to strength your ankles, legs and im pretty sure it would tone your thighs i kinda need that!

You can also for any information or wanna see the latest news head over the the coolBoards blog 

(by the way these are my own options i am not being paid in anyway for this post, i am helping a friend out and this product is well worth a look so i thought i would share it with the world)


12 October 2010

Typography and space

 This is an illustration for the front cover of the Book Ella Climbs a mountain, its from an old book my dad bought me from a charity shop, I am working with the typography giving it a few tweaks here and there. I adore hand drawn type, i think its really exciting, and i feel really inspired after my trip to oxford, i miss sight seeing, i found falmouth really inspiring like this...open space to create and feel inspired is such a great bonus.
I got this really great sketchbook from oxford its massive size and now i have figured how to scan large sheets of paper on my scanner i can do what i want its great.
 These are a few drawings that i created in my sketchbook wee little random ones, the squirrel below is floella squirrel, she wears green jumpers and red shoes :)

Curious candles and tea cups

I have recently been working hard on re-branding all my creations and setting my typography to be perfect for all my self initiated little projects. I am currently working on my Curious Candle collection, its all about taking recycled or vintage teacups and making them into new and exciting candles. All handmade. I have been working on the font and packaging for these candles. Working through all different types of cardboard for printing and also it they should be screen printed by hand or hand-drawn for quirkiness.

Here are a few designs or sketches should i say....

I saw a similar idea on a hot chocolate that my boyfriend bought me from a shop called Baileys outside ludlow. It came with a card tag on the top with instructions this is similar to what i want to make but it will be for a candle so the wick goes through the top of the cardboard. I am still working on the style for it but this is the Idea at the moment.

And above a new venture of mine and joe, i have created these handmade brooches all lovely and gold. On each of  the brooches is a little teacup all hand-painted and pretty special. I am going to invest in Gocco machine i think well eventually and i would really love to start screen printing again.

7 October 2010

jamie Oliver illustrations

Anyone that knows me, will know how much i admire Jamie Oliver, and his work.
These drawings are for a self  initiated project, for Jamie at home book all about home cooking. I am really inspired by jamie i was asked who am i inspired buy in and interview with Flex Magazine and i said jamie oliver amongst others sucha as Beatrix potter and Gustav Klimt strange mix i know.

These are just a few images i have drawn up from my sketchbook, i wanted to share with you guys to see what you thought of them.

Im off on a wee little excursion to oxford tomorrow until sunday with my boyfriend hopefully it will be great, i am going to draw eat loads and take tonnes of pictures.

4 October 2010

Lark rise illustration

I have been hard at work, trying to get everything and all my illustrations together for my new website, which will contain a mix of all things illustration, my shop will also be included in this as well, this is a piece i have created for the front cover of the Book Lark rise by the author Flora Thompson, the front cover for the book i have is pretty magical.

 this is a wee illustration for my website. I am using new coloured watercolour paper and i think it has worked so well, means i don't have to put to much of a layering of under colours down first i can just work on the illustration itself. I had a wee bit of a disaster with drawing, i had painted it all then i accidently spilled water on to it. At it didn't run, i was shocked the paper was so thick it practically just soaked it up!
I hope you like the drawing above it isn't totally complete i wanted to give everyone a sneaky little peek!
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