27 December 2010

This is just a little and quick post to say that i am still alive, and i hope that everyone has had a good christmas and boxing day?

I will have a better and more exciting post for you lovely readers soon...these are just a few pictures i took before christmas, a mixture of painting, walks, too many Michael Cera films and to many chocolates.


16 December 2010

  This is a bit of a random blog post because i have photographed my new illustration and my daily goings on but i just can bring myself to blog them,  i have been rather busy with work and random commissions for illustrations i just don't have passion at the moment to blog maybe at the weekend.
On a happier note i have put the deposit down on my MA so i am one step closer to getting and doing my MA,  oh and i have just found a rather exciting residency, so i will be applying for that. 

I have been thinking about a few things like what i want to do from january and the new year, because i am only a christmas temp for PaperChase i hope they keep me on but if they do not, i really want to make my online store more exciting and profitable. i have a folksy and an Etsy and i am really needing help from my readers, in total i have had 10 online sales this year,  but really i want to brach out in 2011 me and my boyfriend hopefully will be combing forces to create a much more exciting shop. 
I want to include in my shop more knitted and fabric products at the BUST craftacular i sold all of my illustrated cushions and i really want to branch into this, creating more design based products, hopefully i will also be getting a gocco machine or setting a screen print thing up to print on fabric and paper.
This just seem like a lot of talking for no good reason, but what i really would like to get at, is how many of my readers take the time to look at my shop/shops?
And if so what do the people think of the products, i will be creating a more solid set of products.
I am also going to be setting up a Donation Button not because i want to take peoples money for no good reason, but because i am using all means possible to create a future in  illustration. I need to devise a sort of plan with my donation button al proceeds will be heading towards my MA in illustration. I think i will do a sort of if you leave a donation i will create or give away a drawing....It is just an idea at the moment.

Oh my head is filled with ideas, drawings, illustrations, books... textiles, prints, missing my boyfriend, oh its endless but i need to get through working in retail at christmas wish me luck!


14 December 2010

So i ventured to oxford with my boyfriend for a little bit of christmas shopping, i love oxford because aof all the old buildings and the history.
It really reminds me of harry potter and i really like wandering around the old lanes, it feels like i'm wandering through a film set.
I haven't really found the time to draw to much because i have been spending all the time with my boyfriend i haven't seen him for seven weeks so we have been spending all our time together he was only down for 3days. So its kind of my christmas present to see him.
I was a little bit obsessed with photographing the bicycles that were all chained to the railings through out the city.

We had a rather fabulous day up the east end of london, been a bit obsessed with photographing everything. I was a tad bit obsessed with photographing the lady above while she lit her fag, I love the sunlight in this picture. The indoor market was so busy because of the run upto christmas there were so many patterned jumpers on the vintage stores, i loved all of them but they were so pricey!

I also ventured to stationary shop and i was in heaven i also bought some new moleskin sketchbooks so whatch out for my next post which hopefully will be a bit more art based i just wanted to share what i had been upto over the weekend when joe was down. I just dropped him off at paddington station and i had to stop myself from crying imagine me on the circle line train in tears like a looser i got home with out crying go me!

10 December 2010

Paper Rain

 I have been so busy at home with stuff that isn't to do with my art work i have been at a loss as to what to write and blog about,  Oh and hello to my new followers pop over and say hello and give me a high five at some point.

This is my bedroom wall, i decided yesterday in the hour i had spare to clean my room up and put pretty things on my wall. I decided to scan a few image from Oh Comely, and an image of Faye toogood Just because i like the composition and what she is wearing,  Also Images from My own Camera and Illustrations on the right By kate Alizadeh For a poster when she exhibited at Babahogs in Falmouth. Also i have my Etsy Raffle Banner from The bust craftacular.
I also spent about 10 minutes making the little clouds out of old white envelopes, i rather like them.

So really thats about as exciting as it gets, i have had to lay off drawing for a while well about a day because i suffer from repetitive strain syndrome in my Right arm well in my elbow wrist and fingers, Making it ridiculously painful for me to do anything with my right hand, it comes from doing to much drawing i know i know a stooopid way to end up hurting yourself but i draw for about 9-10hours a day and i was diagnosed with it when i was 16 so 6 years done the road and no improvement i'm just going to have to take more pain killers and carry on drawing. I love drawing to much to give up on it for a little bit of pain!

I also have this massive desire to create a design company with my boyfriend, sort of working with design creations for children, illustrated goods with the name sticks and stones as the company name, this is just a little idea that i really really want to focus on, talking of my boyfriend he is heading to london to night to see me :) i haven't seen him for 7 weeks i can not wait for a hug and i hope maybe we can go to oxford tomorrow for a little trip around the covered market.

I just popped down the library and they have a massive sale on children's books i bought 12 children's books, including 2 gruffalo books,  charlie and lola plus some really cool quentin Blake books i am well chuffed, i bought books that i have wanted to own since i was a kid.

ooooh and also i have been making moustache pendants and brooches have a little lookie.. and i have new hair

7 December 2010

To the sea....

I have drunk far to much pepsi i think the sugar rush is due any minute. For the last couple of days i have been working and re-working my idea for this little book i am working on. Adapting my style and bringing in more collage i am using spray mount i paid £10.99 so i am determined to use it to its max, but i am so messy that i get it stuck everywhere, i think thats going to add to my list of new years resolution
  • Be neater, Its a definite must i think.

Above are just pictures from my sketchbook, today i am working on the layout of my first page of the book, which is a mixture of collage and drawn imagery and watercolours i haven't managed to put any watercolours onto the image just yet i think its because i am a bit worried i am gonna mess it up. I always do this....

  • Be bolder and more confident in my abilities.
Below is the larger drawing i am working on, it is of the landscape of the fishing harbor that my story is based on. The sky is collage, the little buildings are still white and drawn with pencil. Oooh and to the right of the picture the tissues that Jazmine sent me with my christmas card. They have come in good use thank you.
The images below are of my very messy shelf in my very messy bedroom, the two framed images are in fact cards that my boyfriend sent the first letters he has had the time to send in 5months so them mean quite alot to me. In the parcel he sent me soap (i'm not sure if thats a hint), a tea towel for my parents, it has allotment and veg on it, a bottle of home made ginger beer and my two cards. I will find out who created them and let people know.


5 December 2010

Winter wonder...

Today i woke up rather late, which isnt like me, i couldn't sleep i was thinking a little bit too much about the current children's book. It is inspired by cornwall.

I have been painting boats and sketching old fishermen. Whilst drinking lots of tea and eating clementines. The snow is now gone and all that is left is wet slush and mud. I am slowly getting there with my book, I have been writing and re-writing all day. I have also gone through an entire sketchbook just to sketch and get the characters right.

Also today i got the good news that my boyfriend has bought a train ticket to come down and see me next weekend it will be a whole seven weeks since i have seen him so i am rather excited. I am hoping to go on a little day trip to oxford for some festive inspiration do a little bit of drawing and to head to the turf Tavern for food and drink :)

Talking of festive and winter, The wonderful Illustrator Gemma and i have been in discussion about creating a little festive/winter inspired Zine. So i am rather excited about that. We will hopefully be involving a few of our favorite illustrators so watch this space and check your emails. It will hopefully be for sale once we have created it with badges and what not :)
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