28 January 2011

So i am having a weird and distant day my brain is all over the place, it didn't start off well i bruised my shin and ankle dropping my Mac book onto my foot...first thing I did.....i had some more orders on my etsy shop which i am truly delighted with, so thank you for all the people re-tweeting my give away and to lyzi for all the support with her blog posting

I have a market on sunday so i am working hard on printing my cards, it has kept me occupied but i always wonder what sort of people like my work, and i always i think, think to much about the work i create too much thinking for me is not a good thing, not that i don't have a brain or anything but i judge myself to hard. So i have spent the day letting the brain off. After some bad family news last night, it really made me think so i decided to take a few little moments of calm in my day. Sorry if you dont like feet but i like the picture.

The main thing that has got me through the day is the wonderful Blog Daydreamlily, it is truly awesome, alot of you have probably heard of the wonderful blog, really rather inspiring. So with veggiemite on toast and hot chocolate and the wonderful daydreamlily it made my day bearable.  


27 January 2011

So i had my interview for a job today i was so nervous i suffer from really bad nerves, i hate it, they stop me eating, sleeping arghhh but its all good because its over and done with, so i have decided to calm myself down i would make some little bits and pieces, I really love making jewelry after my job interview i headed into topshop for a nose, and i came across loads of chains for £3 and the girl serving me was like you know this necklace is broken, i said i wanted to make things from it, so she took down my website to see my work, so if you are reading this hai!

So i am thinking of getting some pocket mirrors made it would be great to know what sort of designs you guys would like to see illustrated on the back of the mirrors? 5 different designs i can never make decisions.

26 January 2011


Okey pokey i have finally decided to do a little illustration give away, not because i want to be popular but, because i am trying to be a bit more pro-active with my followers and give something back, its nothing too flashy like an alexa bag or a million pounds but it is a set of 3 cards and a necklace all hand-made by me.

Basically all you have to do is be a follower of my blog because then it show me that you actually care and read this blog from time to time,
leave a little comment,
and then at the end of it i will pick a name out of my wolly hat and voila you might win.

If you dont win you could always support hand made creations and head over to my Etsy site and buy a few, or if not you can just look at the pictures.

ooo yeah this give away will be going for a week so get involved....ends Monday 1st February 

Gooooooooood luck!

I forgot to mention it is open to everyone and anyone so international followers go for it.....also followers form the uk hehe!

this month...

So the last month has been a tad bit mixed i left my Temporary job at paperchase and since then i really havent been able to find any work, which is really hard because it would be really nice to get back to work and saving. I have an interview tomorrow for a supervisors job which i am really excited about i hope i get it, So really over the last couple of weeks it hasn't been the best start to the year, but i am trying to get on with my new children's story, which involves a little girl called pip and her pet mouse Oscar. 

I have also purchased a screen-printing kit i have created some valentines cards that will be available to purchase on my Etsy shop... there will be a pack of 3 and individual cards (just incase you have multiple valentines to give out?) If i am honest i have never received or given a valentines card is that sad? ha! the cards above are also valentines cards that will be available from my etsy shop and folksy shop. Also the original watercolours will be available to buy as well.

23 January 2011

hearts a flutter

This is just a cheeky little photo booth picture i have taken of my new illustration series based on the theme of Valentines. I will be making these into a series of cards and prints.

Also i got sent my new screen print Kit, so tomorrow i will be trying it out creating a series of prints, excited much?

21 January 2011

printing inspiration

I Have recently come across the work of sarah Shattock, her screen prints and little illustrations are lovely and also she is a fellow Falmouth student which is great. Head over to her blog to have a look at her work, pretty cool stuff.

Tomorrow i am hoping that my screen printer will arrive in the post. I have so many ideas that i want to create t-shirts with moustaches, Zines triangles and fishermen.
I hope to do a little video on it once i have given it a go and have got to grips with it. I want to get back into proper drawing, by proper drawing i mean intricate and detailed portraits. God i miss drawing properly. 
Lets hope the screen printer holds up to all the excitement...really looking forward to getting back into printing.
OOOoo i am thinking of doing little giveaway when i get my new screen print set up so watch this space

New creations by Ella 2

A little bit more of selfish plugging but i have taken the plunge and i am selling some of my original illustration over on my etsy site head over and have a look i would love to get some feedback on my site or if there is anything you have seen that could be improved or you would like me to illustrate onto a necklace.
I am in the process of making a new header...an awesome header..cheers ma'dears

19 January 2011

new creations by Ella

I have spent most of the day making and creating in my new work space in my bedroom at home i hope to have hit the target of putting them online by tonight but its only 8:30pm so i can try. I sold my first item on Etsy the other day that i am really excited about. So i thought i would put more illustrated brooches and necklaces in my shop. I am working on a set of pencils that will be available tomorrow for purchase. Head over to my etsy site to see the variety that is available.

On tuesday it was my brother and sister's 24th birthday and we ventured to chalfont St Giles a little town in buckinghamshire very english and we went into Merlin's cave for a spot of afternoon tea. The place really looked like something from Midsummer Murders. The house above is where milton, the Author of Paradise lost, i have been inside the house before a tad bit creepy.

This little post is just to show people the beautiful english countryside.

16 January 2011

cards, polaroids and things

I have been really run off my feet this week when it comes to posting letters and parcels to people, i love writing a good letter, and sending a lots of things to people all around the world.

I sold my first item on Etsy which i was pretty chuffed with, but i am going to spend the time totally revamping the site. Hopefully by the end of the day i will have myself a screen printing kit (i am bidding on ebay) so i can make some really wonderful things to get selling to everyone. My one  of my twenty eleven new years resolution was to reach 100 sales on my Etsy site so i am one step closer to that.  So what do people think to some of my new cards they are polaroids by me taken over the last Four years and i really want to share them so i am going to be making a set of five cards with printed copies of my polaroids on the front? I really like the idea what do people think? i would love to know. 

I did send one off the Lyzi over at being little. I do love that girl head over because she is truly lush and she had a new blog header if thats not an excuse i don't know what is!

the Jewels of time

Image 1 Jewelry by Florence B

On Thursday i headed over to my Grandma's house to take her the Pasty i had bought her back from falmouth, i really love going to my grandma's house because i have so many happy memories there from childhood. We basically sat and talked for 5 hours but it was really great to catch up. My Grandma is obsessed with pink pretty much everything in the house is pink and nothing has really changed since the 60's 70's so it is like walking into a vintage shop, just it is lived in and someone's' house.
As a child me and my sister would spend hours going through my Grandma's Jewelry, she would say when you get older you can have that....so when i did get older she gave it to me. Me and my sister would each have a little box and we would fill it up with all kinds of sparkles, but most of it was a mix of 80's plastic necklaces, my favorite was the gold Fish Brooch, (I wanted to be a vet so it seemed like the perfect piece of jewelry at the time.)

I have always been fascinated by jewelry and really anything that has a story behind, it maybe thats why i draw to carry on telling stories
I really love the Antique and Vintage mix that Florence B create. I read a little article in Look magazine and it really reminded me of the jewelry me and my sister use to spend practically hours lusting over. Their Jewelry is a mix of Bespoke and hand found victorian jewels. Pretty cool stuff. 
I have been mixing up my jewelry for years and i am really thinking about getting back into it. Oh i miss it.

12 January 2011


New hair, i plucked the courage upto do to the hairdressers after 6 years of not going, if i am honest i view visiting the hairdresser in the same light as going to the doctors or dentists it makes me super nervous. You probably cant notice anything massively different with it, but i got the right side shaved a little a different fringe and the ends cut shorter i am happy with it, just need to wait for the fringe to grow back to normal because i had a straight one cut about 2weeks ago.  I never normal have any pictures of me up and sorry its taken in a mirror but thats how i roll.

I have just finished my 2nd tiring work out this isn't really that important but i am rather proud of myself so i thought i would share with this drawing i did a few weeks ago in my sketchbook of a lush Krispy Kreme Hot chocolate mmmm...


10 January 2011

Fishermen and ghosts

So today i finally took the plunge and started my slight dieting and exercise regime, i got through a full 
hour and half work out shock horror i didn't die. 
Anyway yesterday i spent the day painting and drawing, and also watching ghost programs it is addictive i tell ya. I have been working on a few paintings over the last couple of days to put into the RWS open competition its going well, just need to remember to send off the form....My to-do list have been pretty massive or the last couple of days all deadlines for everything seem to fall on the same day. I love lists!
Sorry for the amount of photographs in this post i just wanted to show you what sort of things i have been upto in my sketchbook, my children's books i coming along ok, adapting bits for an animation. So watch this space.

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