7 January 2011


The happiest of new years to everyone, i hope everyone had a lovely new years eve, i spent mine in cornwall with my boyfriends and mates. 
I did wonder how many people this year will create new years resolutions i have decided to create myself 12 new years resolutions one for every month.
I have been thinking long and hard about what is i really want to change and achieve this year.
My family normally have a set of new years resolutions that we put in a bag and select 5 each, but this year we aren't doing that so here are mine for myself.
  1. Learn a musical instrument (preferably guitar)
  2. Expand my Horizons Travel, Visit Scotland, paris, new york
  3. Have a driving lesson as simple as that sounds to a lot of people its not simple for me
  4. Get another Tattoo 
  5. Do an art/illustration competition every month (even if you think you might not win)
  6. Print a set of tote Bags.
  7. Create a better and more exciting Etsy and Folksy shop
  8. Get too 100 sales on Etsy and Folksy (fingers crossed)
  9. Write a letter to someone at least once a week.
  10. Have all my MA money saved and move back to falmouth
  11. Follow my heart more
  12. The typical...Loose weight to Improve my Asthma
Really these are resolutions that don't have to be one every month but it is a start, i did think about do a drawing a day but i do about 10 a day so that isn't really a resolution! 

I have recently been doing a bit of spring (new years) cleaning so i have been spending most of my time running frantically around my room. 
I discovered these little postcards the other day, in an antiques shop, of the paces i visited whilst back down in cornwall. I love the black and white and the moodiness in these pictures.

I promise to put up a far more exciting post next time i have been very busy working on a lot of new things, and i still haven't managed to find batteries for my camera, stupidly forgetful.



  1. Happy new year to you :) this is cute xxxx

  2. These are great Ella. Omg u must post pics of your tattoo, i love tattoos!!

    My friend lives in Falmouth also, whoop postcards are really beautiful, lovely post.

    Avril x


  3. Those old postcards are lovely. So much nostalgia.
    Great resolutions too. I am going to try to write more letters!


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