12 January 2011


New hair, i plucked the courage upto do to the hairdressers after 6 years of not going, if i am honest i view visiting the hairdresser in the same light as going to the doctors or dentists it makes me super nervous. You probably cant notice anything massively different with it, but i got the right side shaved a little a different fringe and the ends cut shorter i am happy with it, just need to wait for the fringe to grow back to normal because i had a straight one cut about 2weeks ago.  I never normal have any pictures of me up and sorry its taken in a mirror but thats how i roll.

I have just finished my 2nd tiring work out this isn't really that important but i am rather proud of myself so i thought i would share with this drawing i did a few weeks ago in my sketchbook of a lush Krispy Kreme Hot chocolate mmmm...



  1. Looks cute from what I can see :) I'm scared of hairdressers too! xxxx

  2. your hair looks lovely. you look lovely! i adore your jumper and the little bits and bobs on the shelves. plus your new header and background is beautiful! xx

  3. Believe me I fear the hairdresses too, probably more so than the dentist or the doctors. I just hate it and panic thinking about going.

    I know most girls love going to have there hair done, but for me it's just a terrible thing I try to avoid! x

  4. Your new hair do looks lovely (as does your bathroom). I love going to the hairdressers, I'm actually going tomorrow it take the attitude that if it goes wrong it'll grow back but I do keep my hair reasonable short so it's never a matter of getting huge amounts chopped off!!!

    Hannah xx

  5. Wow, 6 years! I like it. How did you deal with the split ends in the meantime?!

  6. your hair looks lovely :)

  7. It looks great!! Really soft and the shape is lovely! x

  8. hello new. i can't tell loads different but for some reason you look a bit more grown up, i don't mean that in a bad way though.

    someone order a cwoffee?

  9. your blog is amazing, just new follower, do you want to follow my blog?


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