28 February 2011

Style diaries

Quick alert, i would great if everyone logged into dont panic and vote for me to be on the cover of style Diaries, the competition ends tonight i only discovered it today, so it would be great to just get one vote.

I can't put the picture up on my blog because it can't be published yet, so it would be really fantastic if you voted. thank you


Norwegian wood

Poster illustration by EMMELINE PIDGEN

The wonderful Emmeline Pidgen has created an amazing competition piece for the film Norwegian Wood. Dont panic set up a competition for illustrators, graphic designers and everyone to submit a piece of work inspired by the film, and the winner will see their illustration/design actually printed as the poster how awesome so this is why all of my wonderful followers should take the time to visit the don't panic website and VOTE EMMELINE'S ILLUSTRATION she is also a fellow falmouth graduate and genuinely lovely so please give her this wonderful opportunity :)

This is what Emmeline said about the poster illustration

''I was inspired by the aesthetics of the world I imagined whilst reading the book - snow, trees and mountains in a vastly remote place. I've used gentle and warm colours representing the feelings between two of the characters and the colour pallete from the film stills. Listening to records is a strong theme in the book, and so I've included a record sleeve and a circular shape in the design.''


27 February 2011

Animal kingdom

I ventured to Russell square with my brother, to watch the amazing film Animal Kingdom totally breath taking, i came out of the cinema totally amazed. Guns, australians and men losing their minds. I really think people should go and see it,  it is an independent film so you might have to search to see it, but it is really worth waiting for.

I love the text from the front of the cinema, old style and stuck together with sellotape, perfect.

I loved wandering around Russell square, the shops were pretty normal, but it was sunny and the buildings were pretty interesting and i bought my new hair colour which i am pretty excited about experimenting with, its not all that drastic but i always worry that it will go wrong i have spent 8 years dieing my hair and i am pretty sure soon my good luck with my hair will run out ha!

I feel a bit detached from the world today, sorry.


26 February 2011

leather and gold

So this is just a little look at the creations i am making at the moment, i really love the smell of leather, i made this little ring earlier, from real leather its called panel hide. I am currently working on a studded ring, which should be available on monday, still need help with naming the company?
The sort of jewellery i want to create is the sort that Ke$ha might wear or Florence welch (who is an old camberwell buddy) , a little rock a little roll, small studds large studs leather and gold....ooo that sounds like a good name, help is needed with the name any suggestions would be gladly received.


Top : Zara
so today i didn't really do anything exciting i have been working closely on my collection of ideas and jewellery. So Have been looking into what inspires me, I have been speaking to katie, and Em, about different ideas, and other bits and pieces. 

I am wanting to mix my illustrations into the jewellery so this idea is taking a little bit longer then buying wholesale items, and quickly bashing them together,
I have already made Gem stone wrapped necklaces, from vintage gems and beads, i am pretty proud of these, i need a name for my little project / company i can't seem to think of one, help is needed.
Oh i also have a selection of mexican clay skull beads that i adore that will be going into the collection.

Blue bracelet H&M,
Other bracelets vintage 
Beige Bracelet home made

I have also been experimenting with more fabric jewellery, here i have created a ribbon knot ring, i really love it, it goes well with this seasons colours.


25 February 2011

new ventures.....Jewellery

What i wore.....
So this is what i wore today, primark trousers, a charity shop top that i revamped with lots of studs. I lost my glasses today in the mass of paper and paint whilst doing etsy orders, painting and drawings.

I have had a very long and slightly stressful day trying to hold all the little bits of my life together. Well i have finally found the time to sit down and think about a few things, i am really wanting to take the time to work on a new design idea, i want to create my own brand of jewellery, hand-make all of it. A rather ambious idea, i have always made my own jewellery from vintage, second hand and new pieces. It wasnt till i started reading NYLON  again and i bought  two bracelets from H&M (Which can i say i never do, i am more of a window shopper) it was suede and gold and i thought to myself i can make this so why not give it a go?. I realized that with my brothers skills as a sadler, he could help me create bespoke leather, studded and fine jewelry pieces.

I want to keep my illustrations going, i love illustration, but my other love is Jewellery, so i really want to explore the possibility of sharing these with people. I am going to teach myself more about fine jewellery making like casting and silversmithing. I need to find what i want to do, what my path is and how to get where i want and need to be.....
Once again i wish to revert back to the text of Eat, pray, love, to help me find my way:

"But Toni Morrison made her own path, and i must make mine. The Bhagavad Gita - that ancient Indian Yogic text- says that it is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfections"

welcome to the gun show...

This saying always makes me laugh so i thought i would adapt the drawing i have previously created and added the text to it.
I am suffering from a bit of a headache and on a bit more of a personal note heartache but thats not up for discussion on my blog.
So when i was in swansea i went to see the the film 'never let me go' and i have a girl crush on Carey Mulligan, my younger brother is a bit of film buff (he wants to be a director when he is a bit older) and he took me and my other brother to see it i just wanted to say that a lot of the girls i am drawing at the moment are inspired by her, clothes and hair. I want to do a little post on her later on in the week.

I have been working on a little illustration for lyzi i hope she likes it......

Image courtesy of Lyzi from being little
Illustration Ella Masters
I am slowly getting into fashion illustration in my own way, i will share more photos with my lovely followers, thank you for your support. i have tones of little drawings i want to share, i have previously talked about my journal and i want to to go into depths of my journal and share my writing with people. so hopefully i will be sharing this with you all very soon.


24 February 2011

wales with love.

I have been in wales for the last couple of days, a little trip with my younger brothers, our trip included copious amounts of, milkshake, rain, laughs and fun.

we had such a great time, we stayed up late and had a lovely heart to heart about worries and i trully love being an older sister, i am able to help, i think it is my favorite thing in the whole world. To be looked upto and actually listened to. I did a bit of drawing when i was in wales, not of the scenery but layouts for my new blog and of  the slight obsession i have with drawing women!

Oh i am thinking of doing another give away for a pocket mirror, when i reach 400 Blog posts i am at 382 at the moment 3 years of working on this blog would you believe it?!.

22 February 2011


Last post before i disappear for a few days, off to wales and i won't be taking my laptop with me. I have spent most of the night reading Eat, pray, love, it is such a deep book, it is about a woman's struggle after her divorce i am only on page 65 but it is great really touches something in me when i read it. I am hoping my luck will change when i get back from swansea. Check out my main essential in my day bag above i can't go anywhere with out my journal, and oyster card.
Quote from the book...

"They come upon me all silent and menacing like Pinkerton Detectives, and they flank me - Depression on my left, loneliness on my right, they don't need to show me there badges, i know these guys very well. weve been playing cat - and - mouse game for years now. Though i admit that i am surprised to meet them in this elegant Italian garden at dusk. This is no place they belong.
I say to them, "How did you find me here? Who told you i came to Rome?"
Depression, always the wise guys, says "What - you're not happy to see us?"

These are a few drawings i did lat night, i drew lyzi quickly i am going to work on a watercolour on friday for her, i just felt like illustrating someone. So the sketch of her is in image 2, the girl at the bottom i drew at 1 am this morning when i couldn't sleep.

See you lovelies on friday.


21 February 2011

etsy discount and drawing

Today has once again been a bit of a draw-athon, i have been planning and experimenting with my drawings. I know I know this blog is getting a bit samey, but i really want to share with you my working process. these are the illustrations i have been working on for my self written children's book.

I have been drawing in my paperchase Journal that i absolutely love, i have used three in two months so that is 900 pages of ramblings and drawings, i am rather obsessive when it comes to my journals, i think it is from doing my fine are degree, we were told to keep a note book or sketchbook. I wonder if anyone else does this?

Also tomorrow i am heading back to swansea, i went this time last week, because my brother was looking at the university we, are going again because he got the dates wrong and we cant get a refund so we thought we would make a wee holiday of it. So i have decided to leave my Etsy site open. It will mean that if anyone buys anything i will not be able to post it till Friday 25th February. I have also created a discount code for my Etsy site because over on my twitter i have reached 500 followers, it will be 5 % off all products, i know its not too much but all my products are under £10, if you use the coupon code 500ellabellatweet, It would be great to get back from swansea and see a few orders in my emails, instead of tones of spam.

oh by the way the glasses above were found by my little brother i really love them, he gave me them as a weird second hand gift ha! i love him.

I am off for 3 days so i will see you all very soon.

20 February 2011

what i wore...

Stripey top Amina Rubinacci
Leggings newlook
Hello new followers.....
Today has been a strange one, it has dashed passed me really quickly, i have been working on some lfw illustrations, some for my personal project and another for Amelia's Magazine. I went to my local red cross yesterday and bought the said top in the illustration above,  thats me in illustration form, i have taken to wearing my glasses now because me old migraines are back to reek havoc with my eye balls.

I have just sold two orders on at Ella Masters, rather chuffed one is a custom order so i better get my skates on, and make a little brooch. I hope everyone is have a lovely sunday?


19 February 2011

London fashion week illustrations project, tba.

Top illustration by Ella Masters
1,2,3,4 tba 
I have spent the day drawing and researching for my brand new fashion and Jewellery line. I have also been spending the day looking at the wonder that is tba creations, totally beautiful stuff worn by the likes of fearn Cotton, lauren Laverne and Alexa chung, I love the colours and the textures, i just wish i had the bank account to go with it ha! This has brighten my some what gloomy day up, i am a tad bit ill with a cold that seems to have stuck to the inside of my skull...and doesn't want to leave my brain alone, it barely functions on a normal day...(i joke)
Well what do people think of my new title? rather pleased with it, i got help from the wonderful jessica on twitter and my boyfriend.

I have also been spending my day doing a little self initiated project illustrating a few collections from Lfw, everyone seems to be on about, i am so far through 4 designers and above you will see a section of two of my illustrations i have created for the set of designers i am working on. Busy busy working on a few creations also head over to my Ella masters shop for new pocket mirrors and other jewellery and illustrations.

18 February 2011

pocket mirrors.

I have finally got my mirrors made wooo i hear you cry! they are all available in my online shop Ella Masters,  after my previous post of what to have on the back of the pocket mirrors, i decided on there five illustrations i am really chuffed with them. They are available to buy like i said from my Ella Masters shop for a whole £4 a bargain if you ask me.
I decided that the packaging backgrounds would be made from old magazine cuttings, i am rather loving the recycling vibe at the moment. Check my up-cycling shoe. Rather proud of myself.


So i have been in swansea and away from the internet for a considerable amount of time 4 days totally bearable ha!
I really loved the trip swansea is a really great place reminded me of plymouth and other places i had been to it was my job to go with my younger brother to look at the university because i have been to university before, so i kept a keen eye on everything.

I thought i might start a new blog post based around drawings of what i am wearing just to get back into drawing and portraits.
Here are my first few attempts, i drew these two drawings in my everyday journal, i drew them whilst i was getting ready to go out, they are quick little sketches. So i just wondered what everyone thought of these drawings?

up-cycling old shoes

Before i left for swansea i bought some new boots from primark my new ones are military style boots, but i felt i couldn't get rid of my old boots from primark, so i decided to chop of the straps along the front and turn them into lace up boots. My brother is a trainee saddler so he works with leather and makes belts handbags and shoes, so he was the first person i turned to for help. We basically cut the straps off the front and decided were i wanted the lace holes to go, he used a leather sort of hole punch and made the holes, the next stage was to find the perfect laces i found some wonderful vintage ribbon in the market at swansea.
I know they have a little hole at the front but i am in the process of gluing them, i love them.

9 February 2011

bunting, tea cups and tattoos

I love not having to wear make-up when working in my studio no need to... so today i was rather happy, i think because of the amount of sunlight coming through the windows.

So today i have been working on my painting, which i must say is painstaking, i don't want to mess up a single bit of the painting and it is probably the largest watercolour i have ever done! I have been sorting my Ella Masters shop out, with wonderful new vintage creations, i am slowly becoming far more organized with it. I hope everyone is liking what i am creating, i am trying to have a mixture of the things i like and what i think other people like. So this morning i took the plunge and ordered some wonderful illustrated pocket mirrors, with selected illustrations from my mirror post last week. These will be available to buy in a week when they arrive, i chose the love type, the wooly jumper girl, heart glasses, tea-cup and my tattooed girl, one of my favorite ever creations.
Below are a few sneaky peaks at the new creations for Ella Masters, remember i have a 10% on all my products, so head over to indulge, in creations that are made with love, prices range from £2.50 to £15.00.

8 February 2011

working hard on my competition painting....must win must win....my Mantra!

arty exchange...

I heard the letter box go this morning and sitting on the carpet was a little pink envelope covered in random stickers and my favorite CANADA! Amazing! I had an inkling who it was from and as i opened the layers of paper, and there was a lot revealed my arty twitter pen pal had sent me a mass of creative images, a dream boat, stickers and my favorite an original painting :) And who i hear you ask was so kind as to do this Jessica Gowling we decided to exchange arty creations so it is my turn next, i am really excited about finding all manner of creative things to post to Canada :). Definitely has to be something from london in it what do you think?

Thank you Jessica
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