18 February 2011

up-cycling old shoes

Before i left for swansea i bought some new boots from primark my new ones are military style boots, but i felt i couldn't get rid of my old boots from primark, so i decided to chop of the straps along the front and turn them into lace up boots. My brother is a trainee saddler so he works with leather and makes belts handbags and shoes, so he was the first person i turned to for help. We basically cut the straps off the front and decided were i wanted the lace holes to go, he used a leather sort of hole punch and made the holes, the next stage was to find the perfect laces i found some wonderful vintage ribbon in the market at swansea.
I know they have a little hole at the front but i am in the process of gluing them, i love them.


  1. Ah they're lovely! I wish I knew someone talented like that.

  2. Oooh, great way to restore them! I love the ribbon (: Very pretty.

  3. Nice upcycling!
    Hope you enjoyed your trip to Swansea. My Aunt used to have a shop in the market. You can find everything in there!

    Emily x

  4. how ace. pretty neat idea. have you considered making badges with the fishermen on them?

  5. aww thanks guys to mat, no i havent would you buy one? xxx


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