26 February 2011


Top : Zara
so today i didn't really do anything exciting i have been working closely on my collection of ideas and jewellery. So Have been looking into what inspires me, I have been speaking to katie, and Em, about different ideas, and other bits and pieces. 

I am wanting to mix my illustrations into the jewellery so this idea is taking a little bit longer then buying wholesale items, and quickly bashing them together,
I have already made Gem stone wrapped necklaces, from vintage gems and beads, i am pretty proud of these, i need a name for my little project / company i can't seem to think of one, help is needed.
Oh i also have a selection of mexican clay skull beads that i adore that will be going into the collection.

Blue bracelet H&M,
Other bracelets vintage 
Beige Bracelet home made

I have also been experimenting with more fabric jewellery, here i have created a ribbon knot ring, i really love it, it goes well with this seasons colours.



  1. Hey, your from Falmouth! I go to falmouth all the time! I love your blog btw, these pics are gorgeous! X

  2. Hey Keyta, i am from london i went to university in falmouth i am back in london at the moment for work, thank you, for your lovely comments :) xx

  3. gorgeous girl. i love your hair. let me know if your planning on selling these bracelets anytime soon i love them xxx

  4. Adorable!!


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