6 February 2011

Dont forget to write card.

£2.00 + p&p £1.00

This is a new card i am bringing out this illustration was used for the ballad of exhibition, it is inspired by my long distance relationship, it is a great little card is printed onto 240 gsm card, is blank and perfect for  sending a little note to the person you care for, it is a two in one a new creation i have made, it is perforated along the edge of the card so once are done with the card you can tear down the perforated edge and use it as a postcard.
You can always visit my EllaMasters shop i have a 10% discount.


  1. I love the idea that it's perforated as I'm always ripping my cards in two and framing them on my wall. And the illustration is just lovely too, i'm in a long distance relationship too so it totally resonates with me xxx

  2. I love your designs, so lovely.

  3. Soo adorable. I love your work, :)


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