25 February 2011

welcome to the gun show...

This saying always makes me laugh so i thought i would adapt the drawing i have previously created and added the text to it.
I am suffering from a bit of a headache and on a bit more of a personal note heartache but thats not up for discussion on my blog.
So when i was in swansea i went to see the the film 'never let me go' and i have a girl crush on Carey Mulligan, my younger brother is a bit of film buff (he wants to be a director when he is a bit older) and he took me and my other brother to see it i just wanted to say that a lot of the girls i am drawing at the moment are inspired by her, clothes and hair. I want to do a little post on her later on in the week.

I have been working on a little illustration for lyzi i hope she likes it......

Image courtesy of Lyzi from being little
Illustration Ella Masters
I am slowly getting into fashion illustration in my own way, i will share more photos with my lovely followers, thank you for your support. i have tones of little drawings i want to share, i have previously talked about my journal and i want to to go into depths of my journal and share my writing with people. so hopefully i will be sharing this with you all very soon.



  1. Your illustrations are amazing, I love them :)
    Hope you are feeling better soon, chin up lovely xxx

  2. LOVE your drawings there gorgeous :)


  3. Love that illustration. And oh, not nice to hear your heart aches... Hope you feel better dear!


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