28 March 2011

blue, blue, blue

Good morning everyone, I created these last night, my selection of stone rings, they are available at RubyRaeLove.
iI had a really rubbish nights sleep last night with all the clocks changing at that i have been confused and i think my body has as well, oh well a good nap today should change that hey! I have some really exciting things coming up, i am working on a head-dress for a customer at the moment and i am thinking of creating a festival range, what do people think?
My hay fever has gone mental as i am writing this i am sniffing, itching my eyes argghhh so attractive, i forgot to buy hay fever tablets, i better get them before i go on holiday on wednesday.
I have just been on the phone ordering a few pieces of wonderful pieces of stone jewellery, i am so excited to share them with everyone, more agate necklaces this time they will be edged with gold and silver they are pretty beautiful. Oh man there are so many inspiring images out there i am thinking of adding a mondays inspiration part to my blog, to inspire everyone at the start of the week and spur them on for the rest of it. So here we go... remember those long summers as a child :)
Mondays inspiration :


  1. you are so talented! the festival range sounds great. my hayfever is terrible too:(

  2. You poor thing, hay fever is not pleasant! Those rings look gorgeous, and a festival range sounds great! :)

  3. Yes definitely do a festival range, that's a fantastic idea! chin up with the hey fever, hope you feel better soon, and enjoy your holiday x

  4. Festival range sounds awesome. Hope you get your tablets, hayfever is my least favourite part about summer. xx

  5. Your photos are so dreamy, I love them! And yes, a festival range sounds fantastic especially as people collect all the festival wristbands and what not nowadays!
    Great inspiration too :)

  6. The blue rings are stunning! You are so talented! Love your pictures too. xo


  7. Love the hair in your inspiration picks...I am so sick of seeing "straightened" hair every-where! Your new blue rings...ROCK! :)


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