27 March 2011

drawing is fun

I am totally in love with pamela Love's creations i want to get my hands on everything an learn all the techniques, i cant wait to do the course in jewellery design. I really have missed making things, i have been doing a little bit of drawing today, but my elbow and wrist is painful at the moment, it burns!! Ok who am i to lie it i am actually in agony, damn, i have been watching charlie sheen on youtube my god the man has gone mad. If that is what money does to people i would rather not have any.

I just wanted to share with everyone some drawings i haven't forgotten to draw, i just am giving my jewellery a bit of a go at the moment.


  1. your sketches are so cute, have you checked out carly watts blog her sketches are lovely x

  2. god, he really is crazy. And ella your drawings never fail to make me smile - they're such adorable characters :) x

  3. cute little drawings. lovely style. xxx

  4. thank-you for the comment ella!
    firstly yes i did win it, hehe it was a dress with a peter pan collar yay! and secondly your drawings are amazing. do you draw from imagination? and lololololol charlie seen.. i'm bi-winning! haha too funny xxx


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